Mar 25 2009

Open Conference Organizing

There are a lot of great Open Source conferences out there, some of them organized by volunteers, some of them oranized by user groups, some by commecial entities, but none of them is so open as the last DrupalCon,

In all its awesomeness the DrupalCon DC organization actually
published it's internal financial details for everybody to view.

Try beating that :)

Oh and while we are talking about conferences .. Fosdem has a YouTube channel with a lot of recorded fosdem talks available.

Feb 10 2009

The Story Repeats

I covered this one before .. but as it struck twiced today .. I think it's worth repeating. Both my collegue Karl and Trent ran into the same problem , within hours hours of eachother, a missing or failing reverse dns mapping that caused performance issues .. and a lot of log entries..

Karl denies having a second life in Perth but I`m not really sure about that ...

But I guess they both have to agree... Everything is a fscking DNS problem.
(I noticed other people using that spelling this weekend, on stage in the Janson)

Feb 09 2009

MySQL Presentation on Slideshare

I just got mail that my presentation on MySQL Monitoring ShootOut is currently being showcased on the 'Technology' page by the slideshare editorial team.

It's likely to be there for the next 16-20 hours...

Thnx folks !

Feb 08 2009

Monitoring MySQL

The slides for my Monitoring MySQL talk , which I gave earlier today in an overcrowded MySQl Developersroom at Fosdem are now online, both at my site and at Slideshare

As of now I actually expect people to use those slides for schoolwork or next year in a main Fosdem track :)
As afterall that is the goal of Open Source and spreading the word ..

Feb 07 2009

Free Beer

It's a fact .. I suck at handing out Free beer, last december we managed to meet in a pub that was closed , and yesterday at the
Fosdem beer event when Philip asked me to hand out some plates of beer I managed getting them out then started wondering why peo
ple didn't grab them till I started shouting FREE BEER ... that worked .. ..

As usual the Beer event was lots of fun bumping into people you iknow but whose name you need to think about for over a minute beo
fre you can remember it.

Anyway .. In case you didn't realize yet it's Fosdem time

Jan 15 2009

How popular is an Open Source project ?

There is a really easy way to figure out ...

Look at the size of of the devrooms , if at all , a project gets at Fosdem
It's really interresting to see the Embedded room move to a 500 seat room which it really needed when the first openMoko talk was held there in a previous edition.

The FDO , Drupal, Mozilla, Centos/Fedora and Suse rooms stay in similar size rooms as last year.. But it seems lik the BSD and PostgreSQL room which was pretty crowded moved to a bigger location.

The Ruby room also seems to move to a bigger room. Fosdem has a couple of new rooms too it seems this freed up room for new groups such as the MySQL Crowd

Obviously these sizes aren't a real match to the size of a community, as the new rooms might need (and probably will need) a reshuffle for next year ;)

Different schedules for the devrooms are online .. you'll probably find me in the Debian , Fedora+CentOS, MySQL or Drupal rooms :)

Did I mention that :

and I`ll actually be speaking there again about Monitoring MySQL

Feb 25 2008

Fosdem 2008, looking back

Fosdem is over .. and it was ... overcrowded :(

Honestly trying to squeeze into an overcrowded bar, then on saturday overcrowded rooms, or even not being able to enter that room (Mozilla and Embedded) , Fosdem is starting to become the victim of it's own success.

Some people are suggesting Fosdem to move to the Arenberg campus in "Brussels-East" dunnow if Leuven can actually host enough beds for Fosdem :)
However the Beer event problem would be solved but Philip will have to make arrangements with 'The greatest bar of Western Europe"

The talk about Xen on ARM was interresting however the grande finale missed, the MiniOS just didn't boot :( Kettle was interresting and I should start spending time with it :) But then again .. so are a zillion other things Too bad the SWOT analysis between Postgress and MySQL got cancelled.
but it left me some breathing space :)

The evening ended with a mixed crowd of local Linux geeks and Drupal folks in the restaurant on walking distance.

On sunday morning I realized it must be the Fosdem weekend when you are on the E19 direction Brussels around 0900 and there is no traffic :)

I was right on time for the Drupal 6 and 7 talks from Gabor and Dries , which off course meant I was going to be too late for Ian's talk. Luckily I catched the important parts. The virtualbox talk disappointed me .. this was a marketing talk for endusers, not a talk suitable for Fosdem :(

Pascal learned that integration Amazon basically is a fine dns problem :) Then after some chatter with the MySQL crowd I headed into the Conary talk.. I was expecting a bit more information around their rbuilder system
I wondered into too much talks on sunday afternoon . the MySQL Proxy talk , the end of atogs talk which he didn't want to repeat :) Karan's talk .. etc.

I had to miss Simon's talk about Posgtress HA on sunday for the obvious reason , but luckily I could catch him on saturday to get a short sneak preview..

But more about those obvious reasons in a separate post :)

My Pics are over here. You'll be recognising Jan Kneschke, LVB , Thomas Bonte , Geert Vanderkelen, Dries, Gabor,Matt Casters and others.

Feb 25 2008

Open Source & Twitter

Last friday at the Fosdem Beer event Ywein asked me ..
hmm.. there is nobody Twittering around here. Nothing really strange. I haven't seen anyone twittering at an Open Source event yet. At the place where probably the highest percentage of open source geek/m2 was measured we didn't see anyone twittering.

So when The 451Group announced they just launched The Pulse of Open Source I wonder .. what's the use. Do we really care about people sleeping in late, or having forgotten their powercords ? So nope.. not subscribing to that feed... I don't think the core of the open source community is going to jump on twitter anytime soon ..

Sorry Raven, but I won't be subscribing to that feed any time soon..

Feb 25 2008

Drupal Devroom Videos Online

Luc just pointed me with to his recording of my talk about Drupal and MySQL HA yesterday at the Drupal Room at Fosdem

He also uploaded some other video's from the Drupal room.

More about my Fosdem 2008 experience later :)

Feb 22 2008


If the sales people from Asus are smart .. they should setup a mobile store walking distance from the Fosdem venue this weekend.