If the sales people from Asus are smart .. they should setup a mobile store walking distance from the Fosdem venue this weekend.



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#1 dvdfreek : store

was the store set up? did anyone do it?

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#2 Kay 'the PC Doctor' : Asus EEE

I do love the Asus EEE and I believe its a terrific concept that will change the world of cheap portable computing. I love the EEE and it makes a change from a slow PC running Windows

However, there a couple of things that could make the Asus EEE even better

One - have an ability to be powered by an USB charger - lots of mobile phone devices have these

Second - increase the number of SD card/ memory card slots - while higher capacity cards are available, its often cheaper to get two memory cards with half the capacity of say one larger memory card

It may sound odd - but when you go to buy a 16 GB or even 32 GB SD card (class 4 and above), there is quite a big difference in cost

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#3 Ghosty : EEE PC

completely in favor of that! :)