Aug 05 2008


It's gone, the Xandros that is.. I moved to EEEBuntu, the NBR 1.0 release.
Installed like a charm .. iso2stick

Pretty funny header :)
# Convert an Ubuntu live CD iso so that it's bootable off of a USB stick
# Copyright 2007 Red Hat, Inc.
# Jeremy Katz
# Jani Monoses (slightly adapted to Ubuntu LiveCD)

Tried it first .. the live distro luxury ... and the thing that made me decide was the better font support, much more screen realestate with Eeebuntu , that and the fact that much more tools that can be installed by default from a public repository while not breaking the dependency chain.

I created a backup of my configs.. well.. home dir then live-install and off we went.

Everything works like a charm, just like with the original Xandors distro,
suspend resume works, wifi works, my whole box is back up and running.

Next goal, upgrade my laptop :)

Apr 28 2008

First EEE Experiences

Seems like Pavel is having similar experiences as I do :)

Yep the touchpad indeed has 2 buttons. left and right .

As noted .. liferea might be interesting so now I`m experimenting with Tiny Tiny RSS to see if that can replace my.

I`m also thinking about buying an additional battery pack, and wondering if I actually need more than the onboard storage.. afteral plenty of USB sticks.

Next step is actually using it on the road ...

Apr 27 2008

Liferea for EEE Xandros

Dear Lazyweb,

I've been looking in all the wrong places for a Liferea package that fits nicely on my fresh ASUS EEE, with it's default Xandros and lots of external repositories enabled.
Yes I could install another distro , but I want to play with this one for a while.. then have some arguments to actually migrate .
Got some pointers for me ?

Apr 25 2008

First Post

First post from my fresh EEE , I transferred my .mozilla .gaim and .skype directories from my laptop and I was up and running in less than 5 minutes ;_)

Feb 22 2008


If the sales people from Asus are smart .. they should setup a mobile store walking distance from the Fosdem venue this weekend.

Jan 31 2008

EEE Hacks

Slashdot pointed us to this guy who slightly modified his EEE :)
Now that's what we call hardware hacking.

Anyway .. the EEE is now the Nr1 item on my WishList !

Dec 13 2007

Re:n810 or the EEE pc

Karan wonders over an EEE or a Nokia ..

Given the fact that I never used my 700 really much I'd opt for the EEE.
It seems to have a decent keyboard that I can use to write mails and stuff.
If anyone around has one .. I`d love to test if it is actually usable as a Laptop replacement to travel with.

Hmm.. I should probably tag it with dowant on delicious :)