Aug 05 2008


It's gone, the Xandros that is.. I moved to EEEBuntu, the NBR 1.0 release.
Installed like a charm .. iso2stick

Pretty funny header :)
# Convert an Ubuntu live CD iso so that it's bootable off of a USB stick
# Copyright 2007 Red Hat, Inc.
# Jeremy Katz
# Jani Monoses (slightly adapted to Ubuntu LiveCD)

Tried it first .. the live distro luxury ... and the thing that made me decide was the better font support, much more screen realestate with Eeebuntu , that and the fact that much more tools that can be installed by default from a public repository while not breaking the dependency chain.

I created a backup of my configs.. well.. home dir then live-install and off we went.

Everything works like a charm, just like with the original Xandors distro,
suspend resume works, wifi works, my whole box is back up and running.

Next goal, upgrade my laptop :)