Jan 06 2009

Buddylist, Buddlist2, Friendlist

Dear LazyWeb

Buddylist is aimed at Drupal 5, so when porting to a site to Drupal 6, you need Buddylist2. However the BuddyList page mentions one should look at FriendList as that project is supposed finished ..

At first sight it seems like FriendList indeed most advanced in its efforts
As I was also using Invite, which also is still under development for 6,
I was assuming that upon installing it the dependencies would tell me which one to use.. however it seems none of them already hooks into Invite

Am I overlooking a module that solves my needs . ?

Apr 27 2008

Liferea for EEE Xandros

Dear Lazyweb,

I've been looking in all the wrong places for a Liferea package that fits nicely on my fresh ASUS EEE, with it's default Xandros and lots of external repositories enabled.
Yes I could install another distro , but I want to play with this one for a while.. then have some arguments to actually migrate .
Got some pointers for me ?

Feb 20 2008

Looking for a Plazes replacement

Dear Lazyweb, or Hoosgot for that matters.

I used to like the old .. a small python script .. gave me good pointers on a map where I was and I could draw nice maps of where I used to be.

The new plazes just hides all that functionality for me .. it wants me to fill in way to much data in their website .. and I can't find their Traces functionality anymore, which is exactly what I liked. ... now it's just like a bad version of dopplr.