open source community

Oct 08 2009

T-Dose 2009

As every year in october a small crowd navigated to Eindhoven to spend 2 days discussing Open Source , Free Software and Beer

The good part about T-Dose is the fact that it is so small, you actually get the chance to talk to a lot of people, you get the chance to sit down with them and play with the code they have been working on ,

T-Dose had talks on IPv6, Bind10 , Linux Auto Update USB, eTokens on Linux , VirtSec, Django , Puppet and other topics.
I actually missed talks that I had wanted to see.. just because I was in the middel of interresting discussions with people. That's totally different from some other conferences where I don't even make it to the talks because of the smalltalk :)

T-Dose social event is always nice .. and so is the post social social event. (you know .. where the beer comes into play...) Luckily the dutch guys know where to go .. places with Duvel, Chouffe and Kwak ...

On Sunday I did a rerun of my VirtSec talk , the discussion was different this time more open :)

After my talk Sejo gave his first talk on Djagios .. it went great .. albeit some members of the audience fiddling with his live demo.

(Ok I plead guilty.. but it was just too tempting..)

Feb 25 2008

Open Source & Twitter

Last friday at the Fosdem Beer event Ywein asked me ..
hmm.. there is nobody Twittering around here. Nothing really strange. I haven't seen anyone twittering at an Open Source event yet. At the place where probably the highest percentage of open source geek/m2 was measured we didn't see anyone twittering.

So when The 451Group announced they just launched The Pulse of Open Source I wonder .. what's the use. Do we really care about people sleeping in late, or having forgotten their powercords ? So nope.. not subscribing to that feed... I don't think the core of the open source community is going to jump on twitter anytime soon ..

Sorry Raven, but I won't be subscribing to that feed any time soon..