The Story Repeats

I covered this one before .. but as it struck twiced today .. I think it's worth repeating. Both my collegue Karl and Trent ran into the same problem , within hours hours of eachother, a missing or failing reverse dns mapping that caused performance issues .. and a lot of log entries..

Karl denies having a second life in Perth but I`m not really sure about that ...

But I guess they both have to agree... Everything is a fscking DNS problem.
(I noticed other people using that spelling this weekend, on stage in the Janson)


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#1 Ernesto Vargas-Azofeifa : –skip-name-resolve

We run are production server with –skip-name-resolve with tight firewall rules.

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#2 Nils : You shouldn't use DNS for

You shouldn't use DNS for authentification anyways, it's just another thing which can be cracked and altered.