Jun 21 2010

A parallel universe

What happens when you mention Open Office and Firewall in once sentence, in public ?

People start actually building it (French Article)

Then add to that list that there's also people out there that think that running MySQL over NFS is providing them High Availability, or that using DNS Round Robin will provide them a scalable setup,

So yes .. apparently there is indeed a parallel universe out there.

And no .. I don't want to see Webmin in any Appliance .. that is a joke..., or rather a rant ..

Feb 11 2010

Loadays CFP

I would like to point the crowd to the Call For Presentaions of Loadays. , the Linux Open Administration Days .

The Linux Open Administration days 2010 will be the first edition of a new conference focusing on Linux and Open Administration, we are trying to fill a gap for System Engineers and Administrators using Open Source technologies"

More details on the Linux Open Administration Days site

I'll probably be there .. given the fact that the event will be 5 minutes from where I live .

Mar 16 2009

VirtSec, and Open Source

The slides from the presentation I gave last friday at Lsec are now online, both at My Site and on Slideshare

I learned a lot last friday , I`ll be talking to some more people about the technical details , but be expecting some of my findings on soon :)

Feb 09 2009

MySQL Presentation on Slideshare

I just got mail that my presentation on MySQL Monitoring ShootOut is currently being showcased on the 'Technology' page by the slideshare editorial team.

It's likely to be there for the next 16-20 hours...

Thnx folks !

Jul 22 2008

1 down, 1 to go

One presentation done, one to go (and still some work to write it.)

I've just finished my "openQRM is not dead" talk at the Virtualization Miniconf at OLS.

The slides are here