Free Beer

It's a fact .. I suck at handing out Free beer, last december we managed to meet in a pub that was closed , and yesterday at the
Fosdem beer event when Philip asked me to hand out some plates of beer I managed getting them out then started wondering why peo
ple didn't grab them till I started shouting FREE BEER ... that worked .. ..

As usual the Beer event was lots of fun bumping into people you iknow but whose name you need to think about for over a minute beo
fre you can remember it.

Anyway .. In case you didn't realize yet it's Fosdem time


George Hari's picture

#1 George Hari : I didn't know it was free

I didn't know it was free beer the first time I saw you with the plates, then I took the chance and grabbed one. You asked me if I had before, with a mean voice. I said no :-)

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#2 Kris Buytaert : That was probably Wouter or someone else

I didn't have my mean voice with me ... so'm guessing that was one of the other people handing them out :)

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#3 Bram : Practice makes perfect, so

Practice makes perfect, so keep at it! *G*

Not quite sure how, but I ended up with quite a few free beers myself, thank you Leslie and various anonymous donators =)