Nov 14 2009

Dear Mollom,

What I would like as a feature from Santa,

I would like to be able to report a comment as URL Spam , you know the case where the content of a comment is perfectly OK, but the URL the commenter uses is a link to a NSF, pure spamming or absolutely unrelated site.

There's nofollow etc , but to keep my site clean I'd have to report these commen
ts as spam, however when you start analysing the content of the message and comparing that content to other posts you will eventually get false positives.

So a small option "URL Link is spam, content is acceptable" would probably help all of us

Sep 24 2008

The new comment spam :(

The past couple of weeks my blog is being annoyed by different comment spams, the content of the comment seems perfectly relevant, often even correctly tackling the topic, or sometimes even almost insightful follow up questions.

However the link to the author site is totally bogus.

If talking about drupal and high availability , a question on GFS or OCFS2 is obviously on topic. However I don't want my blog to link to lot of irrelevant sites.

On the other hand I can't tell Mollom the content of the article is crap. I do want to tell Mollom the "author" of the comment is crap. I even might want to have the comment visible but not link back to the author.

Anyone got good ideas on that ?

Aug 06 2008

It's Ham dammit !

Seems like my old spam module and Mollom were dissagreeing on comment spams.

Comment's that I had already approved were still being deleted by the spam module during it's cron run.

spam_delete_comment: deleted comment "openSUSEEE"

I just noticed this yesterday with 2-3 comments that disappeared.
So the old Spam module is gone.. it's just Mollom and Moderation now ..
If one of your comments is gone , please post it again :)

Feb 23 2008


Dear Drupal developers :)

Over at we had some fuzz
about comments, trackbacks and mostly the spam related with having trackbacks enabled.

So the message is clear .. we need to do something about the trackback module so it fits in better with all the great antispam tools are around.
I`m currently not using any captchas on my blog but my spam is down to 1 or to messages a week. My Trackbacks however are still pretty problematic , but they are the only place I need to focus on periodically.

Fairly well hidden in a comment on Luc 's blog someone points out the idea of having a list of people you trust that are allowed to send trackbacks, which sounds to me like a pretty good idea.

So if you are out there , feeling bored not knowing what code to work on .. :)

Nov 29 2007

YASN, or how to overload the SMTP servers

Over the past couple of days there is an increased flow of traffic to my Inbox all fairly identical mails from people that I`m connected to on LinkedIn that somehow are being invited by their friends to also start using Plaxo.
I`m wondering if people don't realise they are resending their whole LinkedIn addressbook an invitation or if they do it on purpose. I`m still looking for the great new feature that Plaxo has that urges me to switch to it or even consider using it actively.
I haven't found it .. so please explain me why you are using plaxo

A couple of weeks ago I started this poll on my blog so people could vote on their social network site.
Guess what the conclusion was.. the majority of my readers favours LinkedIn, some like Facebook and only some individuals like Plaxo or Xing

Yes I create accounts on most new YASN (Yet Another Social Network) thingies, but merely as a form of Online Identity Protection. (It's pretty easy to find a new YASN and create an account there that you shouldn't be creating)

Now I`m all in favour of redundancy and high availability. But I frequently just export my LinkedIn connections to my local desktop and that gives me a nice backup.

So is this going to be the new trend ? I launch a new YASN and suddenly I create an avalanche of mails that will be send to other people. Geez.. this looks like a virus in LookOut
But how long wil our email system live if more and more people start using these tools and more and more new sites implement the feature. ? When will Inbox protection tools start with default filtersets for a list of Social Networks ?
Wil social networks start to figure out ways to evade Inbox protection tools ?

Maybe we just need to add some more meta information in our DNS servers. :)

Oct 19 2007

LinkedIn Spam

So some unknown Sean 1800+ mails me .. doesn't know me .... wants to be connected with me , why ? Beats me..

He finishes his email with
"If you would prefer not to accept my request then please simply ignore this message. It would be very much appreciated if you did not click on the “do not know this person” button. Have a great day and thank you for your time. "

Now why would I want to do that ? He just spammed me, via LinkedIn, there is only one sensible thing to do and that is report him as a spammer. What was this guy thinking.. If I send unsollicited mail directly to someone's inbox he'll probably tag it as spam. If I do it via LinkedIn he`ll like it ?

I only link with people that I have communicated with over different media , know in person , have spoken with on the phone ( a head hunter that calls me doesn't count), worked with in real life or have worked with online intensively in different open source projects.. there are couple of exceptions in my connections from my early days when I didn't have my own set of rules yet.

I have a couple of people on hold .. knowing that I will meet them in the next couple of months.. , these are the kind of people I won't
click "Don't know" on.. mostly because I do know them, by reputation by referral but not in person yet.

Once in a while there is this person that you want to meet up with, get to know better, you are doing similar stuff and you planned to meet but just missed each other by 5 minutes.. difficult ..

LinkedIn is my personal addressbook , it helps me to keep track of people email addresses, it helps me to see where people are moving to and what their new projects are.

But please don't spam me there... it will only hurt yourselve

Sep 27 2007

I love my new email address

The biggest advantage of moving to a new place and leaving your old email addresses behind is the fact that you leave all the spam behind also.

Wondering how long it will take..
Also wondering if I should disable trackbacks because of all the spam I get there :(