Aug 04 2010

Mollom and Views

You might have noticed that this blog stopped accepting comments about a month ago.. well. stopped accepting is a big word.. I was still accepting comments, only they were never submitted to the database and after entering a comment to my blog people ended up on a white page.

So upon returning from holliday I set out to debug the issue together with one of our Inuits Drupal geeks and quickly ran into the following error.

  1. PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function has_more_records() on a non-object in /somepath/modules/views/plugins/ on line 1992, referer:

So apparently my veasion of views 6.x-3.0-alpha3 didn't really like to play with Mollom,
I downgraded views again to 6.x-2.11 and Mollom started showing its Captcha's etc again .

So apart from wondering how I ended up installing that alpha3 version (I`m sure Drush didn't do that), all is back to normal. and you should be able to comment on this blog again

May 22 2010

Over 2 years of #mollom satisfaction

Following up on Wim's example

Nov 14 2009

Dear Mollom,

What I would like as a feature from Santa,

I would like to be able to report a comment as URL Spam , you know the case where the content of a comment is perfectly OK, but the URL the commenter uses is a link to a NSF, pure spamming or absolutely unrelated site.

There's nofollow etc , but to keep my site clean I'd have to report these commen
ts as spam, however when you start analysing the content of the message and comparing that content to other posts you will eventually get false positives.

So a small option "URL Link is spam, content is acceptable" would probably help all of us

Aug 06 2008

It's Ham dammit !

Seems like my old spam module and Mollom were dissagreeing on comment spams.

Comment's that I had already approved were still being deleted by the spam module during it's cron run.

spam_delete_comment: deleted comment "openSUSEEE"

I just noticed this yesterday with 2-3 comments that disappeared.
So the old Spam module is gone.. it's just Mollom and Moderation now ..
If one of your comments is gone , please post it again :)

Apr 01 2008

Losing an argument

About 2 months ago I sent a mail to Dries, telling him

I`m losing an argument with Dag , because I can't tell him how great Mollom is :(

Luckily Dries contacted Dag ,and now we can tell the world.. Mollom is great, Mollom allowed me to open up my comments

Now if only I could do the same for trackbacks :)

It's funny how lots of oldskool demoscene people tend to be involved in different interesting startups. Back in the ninetees we were travelling Europe to party at our favourite demo events and now we are all meeting again. You'll also recognize Uncle Bob, Emperor and others in this bunch of antique articles

It was Uncle Bob who introduced me to Dries about a decade ago, at the sunny terrace of Den Hill iirc

It's a small world .. and it ain't growing bigger ..