Jan 21 2009

Oldskool, Fuck the Cloud

This comment by Jim Leonard, Trixter/Hornet for those who still remember our previous lives , is right on the spot.

"This is the longest post I’ve ever seen that says “do not put your only copy of data on a site you do not pay for or trust.”

Weird, how you suddenly bump online into someone you haven't heard from for over a decade, and even weirder how they still seem to have similar ideas to yours :-)

Apr 01 2008

Losing an argument

About 2 months ago I sent a mail to Dries, telling him

I`m losing an argument with Dag , because I can't tell him how great Mollom is :(

Luckily Dries contacted Dag ,and now we can tell the world.. Mollom is great, Mollom allowed me to open up my comments

Now if only I could do the same for trackbacks :)

It's funny how lots of oldskool demoscene people tend to be involved in different interesting startups. Back in the ninetees we were travelling Europe to party at our favourite demo events and now we are all meeting again. You'll also recognize Uncle Bob, Emperor and others in this bunch of antique articles

It was Uncle Bob who introduced me to Dries about a decade ago, at the sunny terrace of Den Hill iirc

It's a small world .. and it ain't growing bigger ..