Losing an argument

About 2 months ago I sent a mail to Dries, telling him

I`m losing an argument with Dag , because I can't tell him how great Mollom is :(

Luckily Dries contacted Dag ,and now we can tell the world.. Mollom is great, Mollom allowed me to open up my comments

Now if only I could do the same for trackbacks :)

It's funny how lots of oldskool demoscene people tend to be involved in different interesting startups. Back in the ninetees we were travelling Europe to party at our favourite demo events and now we are all meeting again. You'll also recognize Uncle Bob, Emperor and others in this bunch of antique articles

It was Uncle Bob who introduced me to Dries about a decade ago, at the sunny terrace of Den Hill iirc

It's a small world .. and it ain't growing bigger ..


Kris Buytaert's picture

#1 Kris Buytaert : Ze point

Is that yes I`m still moderating my comments, but I only have real comments to moderate due to Mollom.

Which currently only leaves me with the trackbacks to worry about for spam.
And that's an effort I could manage. (note the could)

You still had to wade to zillion comment spams.. which didn't have too look into anymore thnx to Mollom

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#2 Dag Wieers : Surrealism

Despite the fact that I can sympathise with your "winning attitude", I fail to see how an (until now) unreleased piece of software is a valid argument for a prior discussion.

And then I am being polite by ignoring the fact that it completely misses the point of the original post or my second analysis. Additionally, since trackbacks are still a problem you just sidetracked the whole subject for your own agenda.

Also reread the part about the confrontational nature and self-promotional manner of your posts, of which the above post is yet another fine example ;-)

However Mollom does look nice, especially since they finally have a Drupal 6 module available. I can only commend the work Dries is doing and driving.

Update: Funny though that after I try to submit this post, I get the following message

We are sorry, but the spam filter on this site decided that your submission could be spam. Please fill in the CAPTCHA below to get your submission accepted.

and as a result I have to fill in a captcha. So apparently it is not captcha-less after all. Also since my spam comments are all entered by REAL individuals typing real feedback with a commercial URL as contact info, I fail to see how this would stop me from having to moderate comments anyway.