YASN, or how to overload the SMTP servers

Over the past couple of days there is an increased flow of traffic to my Inbox all fairly identical mails from people that I`m connected to on LinkedIn that somehow are being invited by their friends to also start using Plaxo.
I`m wondering if people don't realise they are resending their whole LinkedIn addressbook an invitation or if they do it on purpose. I`m still looking for the great new feature that Plaxo has that urges me to switch to it or even consider using it actively.
I haven't found it .. so please explain me why you are using plaxo

A couple of weeks ago I started this poll on my blog so people could vote on their social network site.
Guess what the conclusion was.. the majority of my readers favours LinkedIn, some like Facebook and only some individuals like Plaxo or Xing

Yes I create accounts on most new YASN (Yet Another Social Network) thingies, but merely as a form of Online Identity Protection. (It's pretty easy to find a new YASN and create an account there that you shouldn't be creating)

Now I`m all in favour of redundancy and high availability. But I frequently just export my LinkedIn connections to my local desktop and that gives me a nice backup.

So is this going to be the new trend ? I launch a new YASN and suddenly I create an avalanche of mails that will be send to other people. Geez.. this looks like a virus in LookOut
But how long wil our email system live if more and more people start using these tools and more and more new sites implement the feature. ? When will Inbox protection tools start with default filtersets for a list of Social Networks ?
Wil social networks start to figure out ways to evade Inbox protection tools ?

Maybe we just need to add some more meta information in our DNS servers. :)