Feb 18 2009

My Social Network “Friend” Policy (Updated again)

Over the past few years I have joined several social networking sites and continue to use a few of them regularly. These sites serve different purposes for me and I have started to come up with strategies of whom to connect with where. Here are the general guidelines that I have developed (subject to spontaneous change and arbitrary override).

  1. On LinkedIn I only link with people that I know in person , worked with in real life or have worked with online intensively in different open source projects. , have communicated with over different media. there are couple of exceptions in my connections from my early days when I didn't have my own set of rules yet. (Some of them have been unlinked now actually)

    LinkedIn is my personal Addressbook, not a public Phone guide :)

  2. I only follow people who inform and/or entertain me on Twitter and I don't care about followers, so don't expect me to follow you back.
    (I`m not using anymore .. given no relevant userbase)
  3. On location based services (like Tripit, Dopplr ), I connect to people that I would genuinely like to meet up with when traveling and who I trust not to rob my house when I am away. If we haven't met yet, but you want to meet this is the place to connect !
    (Forget about Dopplr.. only Tripit for now..)
  4. Yes, I did Poken, but obviously only with people I meet in person, and I`m still waiting for that first Poken with someone I don't know yet. (I was close but ... :)) (Update: Poken is kinda obsolete, and my battery is s dead anyhow)
  5. Sadly I`m using Facebook again , I only connect to people I know, and I generally Ignore all group invites, and block all applications. I'd actually prefer not using it at all.
  6. I`m keeping an Eye on Google+ .. but I`m not seeing much action
  7. I'm so not Plaxo, Xing and Ecademy anymore, I sometimes log on there, once every 6 months hoping nobody was stupid enough to send me a message there ..
  8. To me Wink, Spock, Naymz and some others I forgot are Dead
  9. I join new social networks often with no intention of actually using them, but just to make sure Tom doesn't sign up impersonating me

Well, those are my rules and I’m stickin’ to ‘em… at least, for now and when I don’t forget them.

(Idea shamelessly copied from Seth :))

Nov 01 2008

The Want to be Social Network

Kaj wrote about using Dopplr to keep track of where colegues and friends are traveling and finding out about accidental meetups. (I even use it to track where one of the Inuits collegues work plans)
Now I have never met Giuseppe , but we shared slides before so I'd love to meet him one day .. connecting to him via Dopplr gives me that opportunity .. who knows one day Dopplr will tell me we have matching travel schedules.

Earlier this week LinkedIn announced Tripit as one of their first integrated applications, I was a bit dissapointed I use Tripit to let Dopplr learn about my trips , but I really prefer Dopplr over Tripit.

Now there are 2 things I would like to acoomplish with these kind of tools.
First of all I don't mind giving all of my LinkedIn contacts, so my whole addresbook, access to my upcoming travel plans so I can meet up with them again if our plans happen to match. On the other hand I use LinkedIn as my addressbook, so it only contains people I've met, or collaborated with (sometimes even over a decade ago) . And there are a bunch of people out there that I haven't met yet but that I'd love to meet one day and buy some beers or even dinner/lunch. I'd love to connect to them on Dopplr to make that happen but I don't want to have them connected on LinkedIn (yet).

So when Dopplr integrates with LinkedIn I hope they think about this kind of scenario ..

Oh and btw.. Xaprb rocks !

Sep 02 2008

It's tags we want !

Dear LinkedIn,

Obviously it's tags we want, we want to be able to place freeflow tags on a person so we can identify where we met them, common interests, or other relevant information we want to keep about connections.

A part from that If I add details to a person, I would love to see them show up when I export the my connections..

The whole idea of having to edit these details for another person and not being able to export them.. weird.. It should be the person himself editing these details then decide if I can see them or not. That way I don't have to keep track of different new phone numbers when people change them.

Having my own metadata is interesting , but the main feature should be to keep track of people, new jobs, new contact details , and tags so we can sort and search for persons, and export our own data.

Afteral it is my data isn't it. And I want to use it as my way

Jul 02 2008


Tom , when can we expect LinkedIct ? :)

Mar 29 2008

Barcamp Gent , Web 2.0 rant slides now online

My slides for my rant on 10 years of non web evolution are online.

This was a really good Barcamp session with the audience really starting to launch solutions, ideas and discussion.

We'll see in a couple of weeks if more people have gotten ideas from it !

Mar 24 2008

LinkedIn Almost gets it

Close but no Sigar, LinkedIn enabled RSS feeds only to provide us with a Semi broken feed, Titles with no content. Questions and Recoomnendations come trough with content, but network updates have an empty body and a header link to my connections

Please Try Again !

Mar 04 2008

Social Network Annoyancies

Don't you just hate it when these social networks or bank sites send you an email
"You have 1 new message" on XYZ ..

Just send me the f*[k1ng message you idiots! Thats why we invented email ..
I don't want to go to your crappy excuse for a mail interface while you should just deliver the message in my Inbox.

Thank you for fixing that bug.

Oh and can someone please explain the folks over at LinkedIn about RSS.

Jan 28 2008


So while Siteseeing I figured out that indeed NotchUp is a Drupal site.

Not only is it a Drupal site.. and not only can you import your LinkedIn contacts, but they also seem to be able to parse your profile (hResume) ? Do they have access to the LinkedIn API already ?
I was just hoping the could open up that part of their code :)

And yes.. they have a scaling issue :), so I`m guessing they will be the first to pay me real money to interview with them themselves.

Jan 27 2008

Managing your Resume

Tarry, there are things missing on the current LinkedIn site that you really want in a resume. The main thing that's missing is a skillset .

I used to abuse xmlresume to create my online resume and generate it in different open formats. (Never even tought about making one in that weird format you mention and most of the clueless recruiters want you to use). But nowadays my interest is heading
out too hresume as a Microformat .

Given the fact that LinkedIn now also supports hResume this really sounds like something the rest of the world might want to explore.

However they need to document this more openly as I can't seem to actually see the hResume content using Tails

Dec 20 2007


Paul, the reason why they are bothering you on Spock , is because they haven't remembered they signed up with Wink yet :)