Sep 02 2008

It's tags we want !

Dear LinkedIn,

Obviously it's tags we want, we want to be able to place freeflow tags on a person so we can identify where we met them, common interests, or other relevant information we want to keep about connections.

A part from that If I add details to a person, I would love to see them show up when I export the my connections..

The whole idea of having to edit these details for another person and not being able to export them.. weird.. It should be the person himself editing these details then decide if I can see them or not. That way I don't have to keep track of different new phone numbers when people change them.

Having my own metadata is interesting , but the main feature should be to keep track of people, new jobs, new contact details , and tags so we can sort and search for persons, and export our own data.

Afteral it is my data isn't it. And I want to use it as my way