Nov 28 2008

! Barcamp Gent II :(

I predicted it to some people and it actually became true :(

I just removed myselve from tomorrows BarcampGent 2 subscription list.

It seems I can make it to most of the "odd" issues of Belgian Barcamps, I made it to BarcampBrussels, BarcampBrussels3 and the first BarcampGent, but for the Even Barcamps , Brussels2 and 4 and now Gent2 there always seems to be something that eventually blocks me from going. Just like with the BXL edition family priorities kicked in.

Anyway .. have fun tomorrow .. I`ll be thinking of you folks
and see you next time :)

Apr 01 2008

Ze Tishirt

As different people last weekend asked me and Serge ran into one again .

Here's where to get the T-Shirt :

Yes Bart your SO also asked me !

Mar 29 2008

Barcamp Gent , Web 2.0 rant slides now online

My slides for my rant on 10 years of non web evolution are online.

This was a really good Barcamp session with the audience really starting to launch solutions, ideas and discussion.

We'll see in a couple of weeks if more people have gotten ideas from it !