So while Siteseeing I figured out that indeed NotchUp is a Drupal site.

Not only is it a Drupal site.. and not only can you import your LinkedIn contacts, but they also seem to be able to parse your profile (hResume) ? Do they have access to the LinkedIn API already ?
I was just hoping the could open up that part of their code :)

And yes.. they have a scaling issue :), so I`m guessing they will be the first to pay me real money to interview with them themselves.


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#1 Anonymous : Also visit at

Also visit at This is another Job site recently launched. They have few interesting job related services too.

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#2 Anonymous : notchup import from linkedin not working

I sent the following to Notchup’s tech support:
I’m a registered member and I’ve been trying more then a few times to import my profile (and contacts) from linkedin.
It always fail, and I receive the following error:

* We could not sign in to Linkedin with the below email and password
* Please check both fields and try again

I know that the login details are correct because I’m using them to enter Linkedin successfully.
Is there a problem with the import feature?
Can you please assist?
The auto-reply I got from notchup
We appreciate your support of our beta program. If your message is
about the LinkedIn import profile/contacts features not working,
please know that we are working on it and plan to release a new
version soon. Thank you for your patience.

If your message is about a different subject, we will respond to you
as soon as possible.

NotchUp Customer Support

Thinking out loud: why did notchup waste my time
letting me try over and over again to import my Linkedin
details, knowing it does not work? A simple note on their
web site will do. This dishonesty right at the beginning is
not a good sign. They of all should know that people’s
time is valuable.

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#3 Kris Buytaert : Resume Import worked for me

Resume import worked for me and I didn't import my contacts for the obvious reasons.

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#4 Lior Kesos : I contacted Jim

I contacted Jim, their founder, several days ago when I noticed it was drupal and that he wasn't using clean url's and offered assitance.
I think they have been taken by surprise by the massive adoption (it's a hit here in israel :)).
The linked-in viral invitations makes alot of sense, people are more hesitant to give away their mail's password like in facebook.
This could be a very interesting drupal site (from the scalability and possible adoption)