Mar 30 2010

11 days till Loadays

That's right .. only 11 more ...
The schedule looks promising, there will be some devops juice, some open spaces, some tutorials, som regular talks .. it really looks promising ... the schedule is packed ,

Apart from the talks, tutorials and open spaces there's also the
Pizza party and the Beer event on saturday ...

No need to register .. just show up ..

Mar 30 2010

#Devops / Ruby Meetup , Antwerp, April 8, 2010

Joshua Timberman will be in town, (Antwerpen) that is, for Loadays as he is arriving on thursday Botchagalupe suggested we should have a Devops / Ruby get together.

So I'm dutyfully announcing the Devops/Ruby meetup next thursday april 8th, in Antwerp

The plan is to meet up for beers and chatter in our favourite Antwerp geek pub in , Kulminator , Vleminckveld 32 , Antwerp , around 20h00 ish..

Topics will be devops, ruby and much more :)

No need to register .. just show up ..

If for some reason the Kulminator is to crowdy, smokey, closedy you should be able to find us next door in the Zeppos :)

Oct 09 2007

Announcing GeekDinner 6, Antwerp Edition

So we doodled and now we have a Date , a Location , and a Page to Sign up for the evening.

The majority of votes said we should meet on monday October 22 the which is what we'll do. I figured out that Kasteel Steytelinck in Wilrijk would be a good location with parking space and easy to reach from different highways.

And we also have a Wiki where you can Sign up for the event so we at least have an idea a how how many people will show up

Sep 14 2007

Next Geekdinner : Antwerpen

Serge asked me to organise the next edition of our famous
Geekdinners in my backyard, Antwerp

I have 2 potential locations but the most important thnig we need today is an idea of which date suits most people best.

We're using Doodle to vote for an appropriate Date .
Vote here