Feb 05 2011

Reservation Confirmed

Apparently I don't understand french :(

Copied from my inbox ...

  1. From: Info Falstaff <>
  2. To: 'Kris Buytaert' <>
  3. Subject: RE: Reservation Next Friday 4/2/2011
  4. Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 16:55:45 +0100
  6. je confirme votre reservation pour le vendredi 04 02 2011
  8. vous trouverez ci-joint nos differentes formules
  10. bien à vous
  12. guy Lommen chef de cuisine

Feb 01 2011

MySQL & Friends Meetup at Fosdem 2011

I admit .. I`m lazy ... unlike last year I did not organize MySQL and Friends meetup at Fosdem.

I outsourced it to Kenny

More info and registration here

Jan 16 2011

Devops Meetups before Fosdem , 2011 Edition

Just last last year we'll have a Devops meetup just before Fosdem,
I've setup a page for registrations , that way we'll know how many people to make reservations for.

If possible we'll go to the same place as last year .. walking distance from the Fosdem Beer event.

Feel free to spread the news !

Mar 30 2010

#Devops / Ruby Meetup , Antwerp, April 8, 2010

Joshua Timberman will be in town, (Antwerpen) that is, for Loadays as he is arriving on thursday Botchagalupe suggested we should have a Devops / Ruby get together.

So I'm dutyfully announcing the Devops/Ruby meetup next thursday april 8th, in Antwerp

The plan is to meet up for beers and chatter in our favourite Antwerp geek pub in , Kulminator , Vleminckveld 32 , Antwerp , around 20h00 ish..

Topics will be devops, ruby and much more :)

No need to register .. just show up ..

If for some reason the Kulminator is to crowdy, smokey, closedy you should be able to find us next door in the Zeppos :)

Dec 18 2008

Free Beer, Meetup today has a lot of active open source users and contributors.
The weird thing is that we never meet apart from Fosdem.
Yes, we occasionally run into eachother at other events but there's not enough beer involved.

I've had different people ask me what and where are the Open Source gatherings in Belgium, and we must admit that apart
from Fosdem there isn't that much in our little country.

There were a couple of MySQL User Group events, some Drupal ones, some LUG had meetings altough I have the idea most of them have dried out :(

So I have this crazy idea of inviting you all to grab a beer, maybe even free beer :) on december 29 some in a pub in Antwerp

I`m open for suggestions on good locations.

Oh and everybody is welcome, both readers and writers :)

PS. Yes I know that some of you will be drinking in Berlin at that time .. we'll drink an extra one for you.