Dec 30 2008

Oops, Free beer for some ..

So yesterday around 2010 a bunch of us arrived at the Kulminator,

To our surprise it was closed :(
We opted to move to the closest available place , the Zeppos and
I called pretty much everybody who's phonenr I had handy that I knew could come. (much voicemails) I hope not too much people ended up standing in front of a closed door with no idea where to go (my phonenr is easy to find) but the ones that made it to the new place benefitted from Free Beer sponsored by Inuits

We chose the Kulminator because it was a well known place and different people had suggested it. And when Bram commented that the place wouldn't open till 2000 on mondays I figured it would be open for sure.

Big was our surprise when towards the end of the evening he pulled out a card from the Kulminator which indeed mentioned it's opening hours.

So let's not go there in the beginning of august either .. :)

Dec 18 2008

Free Beer, Meetup today has a lot of active open source users and contributors.
The weird thing is that we never meet apart from Fosdem.
Yes, we occasionally run into eachother at other events but there's not enough beer involved.

I've had different people ask me what and where are the Open Source gatherings in Belgium, and we must admit that apart
from Fosdem there isn't that much in our little country.

There were a couple of MySQL User Group events, some Drupal ones, some LUG had meetings altough I have the idea most of them have dried out :(

So I have this crazy idea of inviting you all to grab a beer, maybe even free beer :) on december 29 some in a pub in Antwerp

I`m open for suggestions on good locations.

Oh and everybody is welcome, both readers and writers :)

PS. Yes I know that some of you will be drinking in Berlin at that time .. we'll drink an extra one for you.

Aug 06 2008


I don't even remember how I ended up on the Akademy site this morning .. but luckily I did.

Akademy takes place in Sint-Katelijne-Waver , ages a go my grandparents lived there to, that's Belgium if you didn't notice yet.

Now the weird thing is that there seems almost no fuzz about it in the Belgian Foss Community , nobody talks about it.
Also on the event can't be found. :(

Honestly this worries me, why isn't there more talk about a rather big FOSS event in Belgium, don't we care anymore ? Or do we just not care about KDE. (apart from the people organizing the event ?)
There's lots of Drupal, MySQL and Gnome activity going on in our little country but somehow less KDE. Hopefully Akademy changes that.

Sadly I have already a fully booked schedule so I won't be able to actually make it to Mechelen for either days of the conference. Sad because unless we have a conference in Antwerpen some day soon it's probably going the to be the closest FOSS event to home.