Mar 01 2009

Geekdinner Antwerp Edition 2

Last Wednesday after the LSec event with Bruce Schneier and the R ans S from RSA , we already had a mini AdHoc GeekDinner in Leuven, one that pretty would have matched Philips requirements for having it called Geek dinner

Philip has been ranting this week about different events titled "Geek" not attrackting real geeks. that know hex and binary is but merely atrackting the Startup/Web crowd, now there's nothing wrong with both crowds, and I happen to be part of both but it can cause strange situations
Geekdinner.beTom K arranged a nice deal with De Troubadour so foodwise it promises to be great.

And with the list currently showing a variety of
Linux and BSD geeks, (both on Kernel and System Level it seems) the Apache geeks , some Ruby geeks, some Legal geeks, some Java geeks, etc that part should be covered ..

So I`m pretty sure that the majority of Geeks at the upcoming Geekdinner will realize there are only 10 kind of people

Still missing however from that list are the Drupal and PHP folks, the Django crowd, some Distribution geeks, some Gnome Geeks and some KDE geeks. Heck you all know I`m talking about you .. so go and subscribe here

I hope we aren't scaring away too much folks with this really Open Source oriented GeekDinner :)

PS. And yes I think it's time for Elise to organise a Real Belgian Girl Geek Dinner :)

May 30 2008

Am I expecting too much from my readers ?

My last post, titled T-Dose CFP, got a comment from Bobby that people reading my feed from Planet MySQL couldn't possibly understand my post because of the lack of context.

So let me repost it..

Geekdinner is an unformal dinner where geeks meet , here in Belgium , but also at other places around the world, Every couple of months we meet , have dinner and chat about geeky stuff , such as tech conferences, mysql, drupal, jboss and other topics.

One of these topics was T-Dose , The Technical Dutch Open Source Event, which has their Call For Papers / Presentations available , so if you want to present there .. you have to tell them.

Bert Boerland gave a talk about Drupal there last year and Some Abstract Type, aka Geert Vanderkelen , MySQL/ Sun has also been spotted there before.

Would this be enough context or do you folks need more ?

Is my idea that people click on links to get more info , or even that people understand what a CFP is wrong ?

May 29 2008

T-Dose 2008 CFP

At this weeks' geekdinner some people wondered what was up with T-Dose, and guess what .. their CFP has been out for ages.

Last year I just catched the end of Bert's talk and Some Abstract Type has also been spotted there before.

No reason to miss this year's edition.

Apr 21 2008

Geek Cooking

Bart promises to cook for us if there aren't enough of us travelling to Limburg.

Which makes me wonder maybe we should organize a Geek Cooking Dinner ..

There is something about geeks and cooking ,dunno what.. couple of years ago we did a cooking workshop with some collegues and more than 60% of them really liked to cook.

And we can even eat ourselve to death when stuffing ourselves with Drupal Pie

Any Takers ? Should have thought about this earlier.. certainly with the Piemaker in the country :)

Mar 21 2008


Yesterday I was just exhausted ,

Wednesday was a thrill, after a great Plugg organised by Robin, we organized an Ad Hoc Brussels Geekdinner chez Henri in order to finish up with Open BeerClub (BTW Bruno how many points do you get for that ?)

It's weird how I keep running into demoscene people that are all starting or already running interesting projects. About 15 years ago we were all partying at Assembly, The Party, Wired etc .. we lost touch , stopped calling eachothers BBS's
and now years later ... we meet again

I wonder if my old Buster BBS account is still working at it's younger version :)

Yesterday after from locking myselve out of my house and car (thank god for wifi) I made it to LinuxWorldExpo Brussels , a the usual Linux suspects combined with a bunch people selling overpriced disks and a some irrelevant software vendors that think security still is a product that can be bought , pathetic.

The fun part is running into the whole Belgian IT crowd, the sad part is it's the same people over and over again.

Well.. it was fun.. met some new people ... got some really good news ... but now it's time to get some work done again ...

Mar 14 2008

Got interviewed by O'Reilly GMT

I got interviewed by Craig from O'Reilly GMT's for their Scenius series.

I tried to write down as much as possible of what's going on in our little country, but I`m pretty sure I missed a lot.

Weird thing is that according to Bruno's stats .. I`m not missing out on that much .. but then again .. remember what Benjamin said.

Oct 09 2007

Announcing GeekDinner 6, Antwerp Edition

So we doodled and now we have a Date , a Location , and a Page to Sign up for the evening.

The majority of votes said we should meet on monday October 22 the which is what we'll do. I figured out that Kasteel Steytelinck in Wilrijk would be a good location with parking space and easy to reach from different highways.

And we also have a Wiki where you can Sign up for the event so we at least have an idea a how how many people will show up

Sep 14 2007

Next Geekdinner : Antwerpen

Serge asked me to organise the next edition of our famous
Geekdinners in my backyard, Antwerp

I have 2 potential locations but the most important thnig we need today is an idea of which date suits most people best.

We're using Doodle to vote for an appropriate Date .
Vote here