Mar 14 2008

Got interviewed by O'Reilly GMT

I got interviewed by Craig from O'Reilly GMT's for their Scenius series.

I tried to write down as much as possible of what's going on in our little country, but I`m pretty sure I missed a lot.

Weird thing is that according to Bruno's stats .. I`m not missing out on that much .. but then again .. remember what Benjamin said.

Feb 07 2008

Real Heroes Happen here

Real Heroes happen Here
All mashed up with People who understand

Feb 06 2008

It's February again

It seems like for the past 4 years February is the month that O'Reilly really loves me and decides to publish one of my articles.

This years version was cowritten together with my collegue Johan Huysmans and tackles the creation of Highly Available Gateways

Altough the every HA situation is different and this is a pretty easy setup it's a good start for other setups.

Enjoy the read

PS. Yes I know , in 2006 I also had a January article :)

Jan 28 2008

O'Reilly Maker

Lefred pointed us to O'Reilly Maker

This one really is my preferred one

It's sad, but so true.

This Nokia rant makes me wonder where the Mac version is.

Didn't Scott Adams already write this one ?

That's Wally right ? :)

And even the IT Crowd also has it's own manual already.

Oct 30 2007


Over at O'Reilly GMT I blogged about GravityZoo but I'd figured it would be interesting here also.

There is a lot of hype going on about desktop virtualisation these days, most of the products are looking at traditional ways of transferring GUI of one machine to a desktop somewhere else. When not trying to publish desktops remotely, people try to use the web as an alternative. However the web has lots of limitations as do traditional methods.

Check out what GravityZoo has up its sleeve ;)