desktop virtualisation

Jan 27 2008

I agree with Reuven

In Virtualization is the Future Reuven Cohen notes:

"Personally I find desktop virtualization another way to force Windows licenses down our throats. I'd rather see a shift away from desktop computing altogether."

Pretty straight to the point .. guess Bart also likes this approach :)

Oct 30 2007


Over at O'Reilly GMT I blogged about GravityZoo but I'd figured it would be interesting here also.

There is a lot of hype going on about desktop virtualisation these days, most of the products are looking at traditional ways of transferring GUI of one machine to a desktop somewhere else. When not trying to publish desktops remotely, people try to use the web as an alternative. However the web has lots of limitations as do traditional methods.

Check out what GravityZoo has up its sleeve ;)