Apr 17 2008

Drupal and MySQL

For a company that wants to become the RedHat of Drupal, Kieran is pointing a lot to RedHat's competition :)

But indeed the Brainstorm idea is a good one... if Sun wants to keep up the "big user community, no contributor community" model for it's products this is the least they can do.

Kieran also calls for more crossposting between the mysql and drupal planets :)

Mar 05 2008

3 strikes

I'd call this the 3rd strike and everybody knows what happens next

Marc Fleury has some good answers to the most clueless industry reporter around, starting with:
Spring is touting itself as a JBoss replacement. Smart PR, but false. Spring is a development framework comprising wrappers and dependency injection on top of Hibernate and Tomcat runtimes, both developed, and monetized by JBoss.

You can drop some balls, no one can keep track of what's going on in Open Source land, it's difficult enough to track what's going on in MySQL, Drupal, Virtualization and Distribution land but if you realize you don't have the whole picture (like not really knowing how the different tools compare to each other) please keep quiet.

Feb 27 2008

MySQL Belgium Usergroup

Geert pinged me to let us know he pinpointed a date for the next MySQL user group.
Next month Tuesday, March 18, 2008 around 1900ish Cafe Sport Leuven

Ack here

He promised to provide free Sun workstations to all women who were at all the previous editions if they show up again.

Feb 25 2008

Teaching Sun the Open Source Dance

Over the past couple of days Sun has been getting a lot of feedback on it's behaviour with open source.

So there is Amanda McPherson trying to teach Sun that the L in LAMP really stands for Linux.

And then there was Roy T. Fielding quiting the Open Solaris community.
I'm still wondering why a company that once bought StarDivision because it was cheaper to buy the company than to pay licenses for similar functionality, keeps maintining their own kernel stack rather than contributing to one that is way more popular and as a much larger userbase.
Its not like they have a die hard community they will loose, it's not like they will loose customers over it. When Sun says that Linux is the new Solaris their customers will just follow.

Personally I stopped working with Solaris ages ago... when we ocasionally run into a customer that wants us to deploy things on Solaris we always have to spend extra time GNUifying the box, which is yet another pain.

Sun had to learn the hard way from the JAVA crowd that they do care about Licensing and a community only starts to build when they like what they see. and it's exactly that community that Solaris is still lacking.

Virtualbox also is in the same boat, they have a good user community, but they don't have a lot of contributers as they require contributors so use the MIT license and even sign some papers.

In a way MySQL used to be the same , altough lots changed during the last couple of years , but back a couple of years ago nobody outside of MySQL was contributing code, there was a gigantic user community, but not really a developer community.

The big difference here is in community.. not customer base, these people are actually using MySQL because they are freely choosing so. Not because their boss or corporate policy tells them to.
But MySQL learned, and is changing, it currently has also non employees contributing .. often ex employees but also other people , people that form a real community.

Today .. if you really want to cash out ... create an product open source it ,create a user community around it but don't allow contributors, my bet is Sun will buy you :)

I told it before.. I really really hope one day Sun will understand .. but from the past couple of acquisitions.. they seem to be taking the same path over and over again.

Feb 25 2008

Honest Open Source

While posting about my talk on MySQL Cluster and Drupal I realized something very important about Open Source and how it differs from proprietary software.

Looking at a traditional software and infrastructure consultancy shop you will see that they carry a broad range of products which they care about and which they are actively offerering to customers. For this products they have formal arrangements with suppliers that will both give them licenses, support but also incentives to sell those licenses.

So when a sales guy or a consultant arrives at a customer they are already biased to plug a certain product, and they will try to convince the customer that the product they are selling is the right fit. Even tough when it's a total Misfit.

With the Open Source consultant he won't be plugging a product, he will be listening to his customer and will use the right tool for the right project .. afterall there is no vendor pushing him to plugg a certain solution, there is no higher margin if he chooses the red box over the green box (as he isn't choosing boxes) The opensource guy will be open and explain to the customer why product X does not fit his needs and product Y does, he will give his customer some honest advise. He will help the customer to solve his problem, not create more.

I was pretty surprised yesterday that even the guys from MySQL were supportive when I stated that MySQL Cluster was not a fit for Drupal. I can't imagine people from Oracle or IBM agreeing on one of their product being a misfit for their customer ..

Feb 25 2008

Drupal Devroom Presentation Online

So yesterday I presented my findings on MySQL Cluster (ndbd) and Drupal.

I`ll be writing them out in a more detailed document some day soon ..
But the short summary is that MySQL-Cluster and Drupal are not a good fit.
One has to realise that MySQL cluster isn't always a good solution and that every problem has it's own solutions. The nature of the tables of Drupal means that you need enormous amounts of memory.

I was a bit afraid that the present MySQL crowd woudln't really appreciate my findings, however I was wrong I got some good feedback from the present MySQL crowd , they too seem to want to promote the idea that Cluster is not a fit for every problem, and they were great help in answering some of the audience questions.

The presentation is here here

Feb 25 2008

Fosdem 2008, looking back

Fosdem is over .. and it was ... overcrowded :(

Honestly trying to squeeze into an overcrowded bar, then on saturday overcrowded rooms, or even not being able to enter that room (Mozilla and Embedded) , Fosdem is starting to become the victim of it's own success.

Some people are suggesting Fosdem to move to the Arenberg campus in "Brussels-East" dunnow if Leuven can actually host enough beds for Fosdem :)
However the Beer event problem would be solved but Philip will have to make arrangements with 'The greatest bar of Western Europe"

The talk about Xen on ARM was interresting however the grande finale missed, the MiniOS just didn't boot :( Kettle was interresting and I should start spending time with it :) But then again .. so are a zillion other things Too bad the SWOT analysis between Postgress and MySQL got cancelled.
but it left me some breathing space :)

The evening ended with a mixed crowd of local Linux geeks and Drupal folks in the restaurant on walking distance.

On sunday morning I realized it must be the Fosdem weekend when you are on the E19 direction Brussels around 0900 and there is no traffic :)

I was right on time for the Drupal 6 and 7 talks from Gabor and Dries , which off course meant I was going to be too late for Ian's talk. Luckily I catched the important parts. The virtualbox talk disappointed me .. this was a marketing talk for endusers, not a talk suitable for Fosdem :(

Pascal learned that integration Amazon basically is a fine dns problem :) Then after some chatter with the MySQL crowd I headed into the Conary talk.. I was expecting a bit more information around their rbuilder system
I wondered into too much talks on sunday afternoon . the MySQL Proxy talk , the end of atogs talk which he didn't want to repeat :) Karan's talk .. etc.

I had to miss Simon's talk about Posgtress HA on sunday for the obvious reason , but luckily I could catch him on saturday to get a short sneak preview..

But more about those obvious reasons in a separate post :)

My Pics are over here. You'll be recognising Jan Kneschke, LVB , Thomas Bonte , Geert Vanderkelen, Dries, Gabor,Matt Casters and others.

Feb 25 2008

Drupal Devroom Videos Online

Luc just pointed me with to his recording of my talk about Drupal and MySQL HA yesterday at the Drupal Room at Fosdem

He also uploaded some other video's from the Drupal room.

More about my Fosdem 2008 experience later :)

Feb 09 2008

I`m Going to Fosdem

thnx Christophe

Jan 28 2008

O'Reilly Maker

Lefred pointed us to O'Reilly Maker

This one really is my preferred one

It's sad, but so true.

This Nokia rant makes me wonder where the Mac version is.

Didn't Scott Adams already write this one ?

That's Wally right ? :)

And even the IT Crowd also has it's own manual already.