Apr 18 2008

Yummie MySQL Repository

It seems like Jeremy wants to be MySQL community president this week :)

The announcement of a MySQL yum repository is a good one but it's slightly confusing me .. didn't Jeremy already have this with
Dorsal, where there are also 5.1 builds. So what's the difference between Dorsal and the new yum repo anyway .

But he asks for Adittionals packages , well 5.1 to start with, apart from that the CentosPlus repo also has builds for Cluster , having a uniform place go get those to would be good.

And what about builds for CGE ?
Oh and while you are at it .. can you run genbasedir also .. that way we can also use apt4rpm :)

Now I all need is a repository with all drupal modules packaged separatly :)

Feb 25 2008

Drupal Devroom Presentation Online

So yesterday I presented my findings on MySQL Cluster (ndbd) and Drupal.

I`ll be writing them out in a more detailed document some day soon ..
But the short summary is that MySQL-Cluster and Drupal are not a good fit.
One has to realise that MySQL cluster isn't always a good solution and that every problem has it's own solutions. The nature of the tables of Drupal means that you need enormous amounts of memory.

I was a bit afraid that the present MySQL crowd woudln't really appreciate my findings, however I was wrong I got some good feedback from the present MySQL crowd , they too seem to want to promote the idea that Cluster is not a fit for every problem, and they were great help in answering some of the audience questions.

The presentation is here here