Mar 05 2008

3 strikes

I'd call this the 3rd strike and everybody knows what happens next

Marc Fleury has some good answers to the most clueless industry reporter around, starting with:
Spring is touting itself as a JBoss replacement. Smart PR, but false. Spring is a development framework comprising wrappers and dependency injection on top of Hibernate and Tomcat runtimes, both developed, and monetized by JBoss.

You can drop some balls, no one can keep track of what's going on in Open Source land, it's difficult enough to track what's going on in MySQL, Drupal, Virtualization and Distribution land but if you realize you don't have the whole picture (like not really knowing how the different tools compare to each other) please keep quiet.

Feb 18 2008

Getting a Clue

Raph is so right.

It's sad when the crowd thinks these kind of people actually are knowlegeable on the topic they write about.

It's not the first time ZDNet drops the ball. The idea alone that these people are actually even being paid to write such nonsens makes it even more sad