Nov 08 2007

Barcamp #4: Dec 1 at mVillage

Barcamp Brussels 4 is comming

It’s decided! Barcamp Brussels #4 will take place on Saturday Dec 1st, in the mVillage business center in Schaarbeek, close to the Koninginneplein, Kruidtuin/Botanique and the Brussels North station (thanks for the help, Simon).

Oct 24 2007

Bug overview

MySQL is listing a good overview of the bugs they still have open in 5.1
This list comes very handy as I have on my todolist to figure out which bugs they still have open in 5.1 Cluster to see if we are impacted by one or more of them.
Now I don't have to manually go trough the lists anymore ..

thnx MySQL !

Oct 15 2007

Open Source Conferences on this Planet

Maty Asay points us to .. yet another incomplete list of Open Source events on this planet

Now if one could just make either an RSS feed of this or a create a calender out of it so we can integrated it in our favourite calendaring client. Or just create a group on upcoming and keep that group consistently filled up.

They probably should already add and 2007
as the dates for those conferences are already announced.

They should also keep an eye on Sven Guckes page as he has some updates on events.
and als on Martin Schulzes page

Anyone else knows some locations where to find good conferences ?
And yes the more specific conferences such as the ones on MySQL , Drupal or OpenOffice also deserve a place in that list !

Sep 11 2007

Stupid PHP Error

Dear Future self,

The next time you run into PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB_Error::query() and you are pretty sure all the correct libraries are installed , check if you can connect to the database with the username / password you have configured. Just as today you might have migrated to a new mysql server and forgotten to update the connection string.

thank you for your attention.

Aug 09 2007

Refining MySQL Community Server(2)

I noted earlier today in Refining MySQL Community Server
that it would be

just a matter of time and someone will start building RPM/Debian packages from the source repository.

I clearly didn't have my first cup of coffe yet when writing that as off course I forgot we already have DorsalSource

Aug 09 2007

Refining MySQL Community Server

Different things can be said about
Kaj Arno's , Refining MySQL Community Server but given the fact that the source will continue to be freely available from Bitkeeper I see no issues apart from a possible growth in real community MySQL with real contributions.

In Mike Kruckenberg's article on the topic someone comments and asks how this is different from the RedHat model, I only see one difference, today we don't have a CentOS yet for MySQL .. I`m sure it's just a matter of time and someone will start building RPM/Debian packages from the source repository. (If it's not already happening today)

As long as MySQL keeps all their source code free ..

Jul 26 2007

In the mail

I got this:

in the mail yesterday .. Thnx MySQL !