Sep 12 2009

Dual Battery Support

About 2.5 months ago while I was on a highspeed Belnet connection at UZA after Amber got born I ran in to some annoyancies with my fresh Fedora 11 and multiple batteries, upon replacing the CD drive with an empty battery (to be charged) while I was on AC power the machine shut down.

I filed a bug , while going trough my post holliday inbox backlog I noticed it got fixed . Thnx Richard !

This is how open source works ..

Oct 24 2007

Bug overview

MySQL is listing a good overview of the bugs they still have open in 5.1
This list comes very handy as I have on my todolist to figure out which bugs they still have open in 5.1 Cluster to see if we are impacted by one or more of them.
Now I don't have to manually go trough the lists anymore ..

thnx MySQL !