network monitoring

Jul 30 2009


Probably every day there's a new Open Source project popping up left or right, sometimes they dissapear quickly , others are here to stay.

Enter Djagios, a Nagios configuration tool written in Django. At this time it's in development phase but development is going pretty good now, Djagios has been incepted by fellow Inuit Jochen Maes

It aims at filling the gap between the vi and emacs Nagios guru's and the manegerial type who just wants to and make Nagios usable for them.

We're already rolling out proof of concept setups of Djagios at different key customers so it's definitely here to stay :)

Jul 30 2009


Rivermuse is the new Fault Management platform tool on the market, their initial relase was lurking around the corner for a while now but since earlier this week it finally arrived

Eager to see what all the fuzz was about I jumped to their dowload page to find an yum repository for Fedora Core 9, that's right .. it's july 2009 and RiverMuse released their platform for a Linux distribution that got it's End Of Life notice last month.

On a fresh Fedora 11 box off course you get a zillion dependency mismatches.
So over to the source code. After installing some build dependencies I managed to build desktop-trunk-8.fc11.noarch.rpm rivermusece-trunk-8.fc11.noarch.rpm

However these depend on extremely fresh versions of rsyslog >= 4.1.6 where as Fedora 11 is only on 3.21 and RHEL is even only on 2.0.6.

The initial checkout I had had no README file yet .. so creating a build wasn't really easy ..

In the meanwhile they have promised builds for other versions.

So the battle is between me getting time to setup an FC9 box somehwere and they releasing fresher RPM's .. I hope they win :)

Nov 25 2008

Santa Came Early

Santa delivered his goods early at Inuits this year

Sorry John, but we figured the Girls in Your shirt trick would be better than the tags on your Fedora one :)

Bort has another pic, and Dieter suddenly wants to test Zenoss too :)

Sep 10 2008

Zenoss Core Network and System Monitoring , the Book

Harish Kumaresh from Packt wrote me last week to ask if I wanted to review their Zenoss Core book

The package arrived today ..

So I`ll try to free up some time asap to actually read it :)

PS. Yeah I know, the pictures are is so "Dries", but I like the concept :)