Sep 10 2008

Zenoss Core Network and System Monitoring , the Book

Harish Kumaresh from Packt wrote me last week to ask if I wanted to review their Zenoss Core book

The package arrived today ..

So I`ll try to free up some time asap to actually read it :)

PS. Yeah I know, the pictures are is so "Dries", but I like the concept :)

Aug 22 2008

Time vs Time

While playing with unixbench there was a small note that you need /usr/bin/time ,
As my system by default didn't have /usr/bin/time I assumed it was ok to modify the script and just let it run time . My First run came up with a 0 score.
Bad idea .. so it seems you really meed /usr/bin/time which is in the time rpm.

One day I`ll figure out the small differences :)