Rivermuse is the new Fault Management platform tool on the market, their initial relase was lurking around the corner for a while now but since earlier this week it finally arrived

Eager to see what all the fuzz was about I jumped to their dowload page to find an yum repository for Fedora Core 9, that's right .. it's july 2009 and RiverMuse released their platform for a Linux distribution that got it's End Of Life notice last month.

On a fresh Fedora 11 box off course you get a zillion dependency mismatches.
So over to the source code. After installing some build dependencies I managed to build desktop-trunk-8.fc11.noarch.rpm rivermusece-trunk-8.fc11.noarch.rpm

However these depend on extremely fresh versions of rsyslog >= 4.1.6 where as Fedora 11 is only on 3.21 and RHEL is even only on 2.0.6.

The initial checkout I had had no README file yet .. so creating a build wasn't really easy ..

In the meanwhile they have promised builds for other versions.

So the battle is between me getting time to setup an FC9 box somehwere and they releasing fresher RPM's .. I hope they win :)


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#1 cams : install in slackware

who can help me port it to slackware. thanks for share this

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#2 Ed : Centos 5 and rivermuse

The have a repo for centos 5 that works fine. The software looks hot. I am looking forward to playing with it and I am going to pray I can use it to replace Netcool soon.

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#3 Anonymous : Don't throw out Netcool yet

The RiverMuse software shows some promise, but I don't think IBM needs to worry about it displacing Netcool any time soon. The event GUI is slow, the automation system has more to do with the incomprehensible stuff that was in Riversoft (AMOS) and where is that handy probe language that we love to hate -- instead we have to learn rsyslog->MySQL->RiverMuse OMOS->PHP front end.

It would be nice to be able to integrate this with other polling systems (Xymon? Nagios? OpenNMS?) because we really, really, really need a good, flexible, low cost event management system that does not require 50 other products in the "suite" to create a solution...

Let's hope these guys can keep it up!