Jan 25 2006

2.6.15-om migrates processes

It took a while but the annoying crash on migration has vanihsed .. , we can now migrate processes

root@cnode2 ~# ./asm1
root@cnode2 12747# cd om/ 
root@cnode2 om# ls
debug  stay  where
root@cnode2 om# echo "" > where

And on the second node :

root@cnode1 tmp# ps -ef | grep asm
root     10995   286 99 22:47 ?        00:00:08 ./asm1
root     11014  3303  0 22:47 pts/0    00:00:00 grep asm

Now this is a step in the good direction but there still Is a lot of work to be done.
On the other hand I also got a beta userland tool from Carl Radford today which I`ll be looking at later ..
Next to that Matteo and his friends also are really active providing feedback to Tab.
I`ll keep you folks posted on our progress !

Jan 22 2006

And upgrading again :)

So after my first attempt of upgrading to a bleeding edge distro erlier this week and then downgrading again back to FC3 , I now upgraded to Pre-FC5. Off course my first attempt doing an actual upgrade failed , I assume it got confused when upgrading from XFree86 to X.org .
But when installing it from 0 things worked out fine, so now I`m back up and running on a more recent version hopefully with less annoying Evolution bugs :)

Jan 20 2006

Where to store configurations ?

This irc session just had to cause a posting :)

(11:01:26) somedude: hmm.. I have to say... someapp is very nice
(11:01:34) somedude: extremely easy configuration
(11:01:50) somedude: everything can be edited by the webgui
(11:04:53) somedude: hmm... everything is stored in a database

Aahrrrr... so when you want to deploy it you have either to start a browser and configure it or replicate content from a database by means of scripting sql so that it behaves as if you entered it from a web interface. Off course the latter method means that you first have to figure out which content it stores in which tables for which actions.

It's perfectly ok to create a webinterface for people to config your application, but please make it so that configurations can be scripted straightforward. Preferrably by just editing a file.

There's nothing worse than being able to deploy a whole infrastructure hands off in less than an hour, then having to spend 2 days clicking on webinterfaces for the stuff you couldn't automate and then not being able to reproduce that afterwards. Just because somebody tought it would be nice to store his configs in some obscure binary file format only accessible from the web interface.

Jan 20 2006

Hearing Voices

Has anyone else noticed that when you are chatting with people you've already met you can actually hear their real voices in your head ?

Jan 20 2006


Upcoming.org simply rocks, their iCal and RSS integration rules

Jan 19 2006

Brussels2006 - GNOME Live!

I really don't have anything to do with Brussels2006 - GNOME Live!
it's all Phlip's own fault :)

Jan 19 2006

UKUUG Spring Conference 2006: Programme

So it seems that next to me talking about deploying virtual machines also my dear collegue Pieter will also be talking about Centralised Package Management at the
UKUUG Spring Conference 2006:

Other interresting talks will probably be from Alasdair and given his postings on the MySQL Cluster mailinglist , I`m also looking forward to the talk Alex Davies so that I can compare his approach with mine.

Well that's for the end of March, but first Linuxdays.lu and Fosdem :)

Jan 19 2006

O'Reilly European Open Source Convention - 18-21 September, 2006 - Brussels, Belgium

Jan 19 2006

And Downgrading again :)

After my upgrade failure of yesterday evening , rawhide kernel crashes on both my wifi and radeon devices. I downgraded back to the most recent CD I could find.. hence FC3 ... The good thing however is that during the short time I had rawhide running I could verify a couple off annoying Evolution issues that actually seem to be fixed in newer version. Anyway.. I`ll be going for a dual boot config soon. Bleeding edge distro for testing and experimenting and a "stable" distro for daily work. I've always been using a stable distro for daily work but sometimes you want to experiment.

Everybody I asked for a recent Fedora CD this morning kept telling me to use Ubuntu, yeah fine I AM already using Ubuntu .. at home on my iMac , and you folks know I want to run both an rpm based and deb based distro next to eachother for testing etc. So my laptop stays Fedora, for now.

Jan 18 2006

Upgrading to Fedora Rawhide

I've been running into
"--> Processing Conflict: kudzu conflicts kernel < 2.6.13"
when trying to upgrade to Rawhide, now apart from first upgrading to the most recent kernel version of FC4, which is normal you also have to manually erase all older kernels meannig all kernels older than 2.6.14 including the Xen kernels. Which meant I had to remove Xen from this system before upgrading to rawhide.

Now I`m up for cleaning up my harddisk in order to give yum enough space to actually install the stuff (I assume it will need about 1Gb free on my / ) and wait for a couple of hours in order for the packages to be downloaded.
And all of that to upgrade to a more recent version of Evolution in order to see if bugs still exist there so that I can report them :)