Feb 05 2006

Multiple Front-End Solutions for Email and Calendaring?

A nice comment in anotherwise boring/Multiple Front-End Solutions for Email and Calendaring?
/. thread. Dave Gilbert says :

Lets get some convergence here - please can we actually lock the
Zimbra, Open Exchange, Sunbird, Open Groupware, Kolab
(I must have missed some....)
guys in a cave without food for a while until they actually agree to work together?
For a concession I'll let caffeinated beverages in and a few computers with a copy
of all known calendaring specs.

(please toss in a couple of guys with MS programming experience so we can get Outlook
to talk to the servers).

Great idea, so what about some conference organises a "Calendaring" track. Or Maybe a devroom for next year Raph? Nils ? Anyone ?

Maybe we can even throw in some funding for the food fight afterwards :-)

Jan 31 2006

Uploading 2.6.15-openmosixbeta to sf.net

So everybody can enjoy it and start testing it , some warnings and guidelines however.
Please note that this is a BETA release, we want you to test it and report as much bugs and issues with it as possible.
We have tested this kernel version to have working process migration included, and people have reported migration back to the original node to be working also.

However I didn't get the chance to actually test this rpm as my whole lab is shut down while my windows are being replaced, I plan on being up and running again by the end of the week.

Hmm.. the, the rpm modifies your grub.conf and places a non working intird , mkinitrd solves that problem for you :) You have been warned ..

Jan 30 2006

Qlusters - Qlusters Announces Industry's First Open Source Systems Management Project

Jan 30 2006


kiscsiadm: Cannot resolve host . getaddrinfo error: [Name or service not known]
kiscsiadm: cannot resolve host name
Jan 30 2006


That's right, stop looking for kernel-xen0 and kernel-xenU in FC5 , you'll be looking for kernel-xen-hypervisor and kernel-xen-guest . Sounds reasonable, but takes you a couple of minutes to figure out :)

Jan 27 2006

Matt just spoiled my teaser :(

I`m sitting in Matt's iSCSI talk at Linuxdays.lu and he just spoiled the teaser I posted 5 minutes ago :(

Looking forward to the Open Source Beer however :)

Jan 27 2006

Interresting Open Source Infrastructure Project

A very interresting opensource infrastructure related project should be announced next monday, of course the real die hards already are testing it today , but I`m sure hoping it will gain some press coverage and more poeople will start testing it and working on it.
Look back monday :)

Oh and in a totally unrelated note, If you don't care about an article about Installing Xen don't look here

Jan 26 2006

This needs no explanation

 omd(tcp)[26102]: Examining node 1 of 2
 omd(tcp)[26102]: Drone node 1 load:7.110000
 omd(tcp)[26102]: is_compatible 1
 omd(tcp)[26102]: Chosen drone node:1
 omd(tcp)[26102]: Migrating pid 27964 to node 1
 omd(tcp)[26102]: Controller overloaded (10.620000:0.750000)

At least not for those who care ,..

Jan 26 2006

FSF - Free Software Award Winner Announced

FSF - Free Software Award Winner Announced

So, hmm..conclustion Tridge got the FSF award because he "knows how to use telnet" and actually dares to show the audience.
His LCA2005 keynote rocked :)

Jan 26 2006

openmosix-devel: What's in openMosix 2.6 today

Tab just posted the current state on the devel mailing list
Things are moving fast now. also in userland space some things start to happen.
Looking good ! ..