Nov 23 2005

Office "12"

Does one have to start questioning himselve when upon receiving a mail with the above topic one first thinks about a BBC Comedy series, then reads the mail and realised he shouldn't have been in cc: at all.

Nah one can be happy he almost forgot about the other ..

Nov 22 2005


It's a matter of time now .. I have built a new 2.6.14 openmosix kernel from Tab's SVN.

Linux 2.6.14-openmosixsvn-om #1 Tue Nov 22 17:10:49 CET 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

cnode2 should be live tomorrow :) From there on it's testing, testing and testing, but I`ll let you folks join the fun :)

Nov 19 2005 is dead :( was probably the oldest machine I still had in production, It's was old 486DX 50 that has travelled with me to parties such as Assembly , The Party and other weird locations, It once was the compo machine for The Meeting 95 In Lille . After it's demo party career it got turned into a Linux Based Demoscene BBS and FidoNode, untill the we first got Cable access somewhere in 1998 at which point it turned in to a shellbox and the firewall/router for the basement lab at my parents place. That's the function it still had till somewhere last week. The cause of death was a bad case of crashing harddisks.

Shutting down velvet also means that won't be used anymore, was a younger but still fairly old 486DX2 IBM PS/2 , acting as the primary dns server for my old lab. The network card in it was repsonsible for the driver code written around Linux 2.1.25 :) and is in the kernel. :)

root@mine2 net# pwd
root@mine2 net# grep sdog *
ne2.c:          /* printk("Halleluja sdog, als er na de pijl een 1 staat is 1 - 1 == 0"
ne2.c:          The above line was for remote testing, thanx to sdog ... */

I'll probably have to replace velvet with a Linuxbased wifi enabled router ...

Nov 18 2005

Fosdem Devrooms Sold Out !

Nope, there's one free again as we decided not to organise a Clusterdevroom at Fosdem next year (2006), too bad we can't reserve the room already for 2007 :(
Hmm, maybe I should have held an auction for the room :)

Nov 18 2005

'Space cadets' prepare for TV hoax blast-off

So is this how they tricked Mark ? :))

Nov 17 2005

nova pppoe[9885]: Timeout waiting for PADS packets

I planned on writing down my experiences with the 770 tonight, I decided not to publish them however.

My ISP is playing tricks on me again .. flaky ADSL connection going up and down .. again, It has been stable for a couple of weeks/months now but since tonight things are unstable again.

Yesterdays L2U was really crowded, even people from .nl stopped by. Xen really is a hot topic it seems.

My External 160Gb drive for Backups arrived.. finally I won't have to worry about crashing disks again, hmm.. well.. 4 different locations where the pics are stored, the external one will probably crash first, but at least next time I'll visit my parents they will get a copy also :)

Building openMosix 2.6.14 stuff , my spec file seems broken, I documented how to fix it, but pointed to a link, which doesn't work with my adsl connection broken.
So by the time I veventually will get around to publish this I'd better hit the sheets :)

Nov 17 2005

Xen talk :)

I was about to copy the Final Speech of 2005 entry from Moshe, except that the talk I gave about Xen yesterday at L2U for sure isn't my last talk for this year and my presentation (with lot's of stuff copied from the presentation Ian usually gives) can be found here.

Apart from that I fully agree with Moshe :)

Nov 15 2005

Make MySQL 5.0 Rock

I wonder if Luis already applied for a Job as bugmaster at MySQL , heck with their MySQL 5 contest they are handing out free trips and iPods really is a good way to make people actually report your software !

Now if I could only find a dns related bug in MySQL, there must be one, there always is one ! :)

Nov 05 2005

PSC 2355 Scanning :)

Got the PSC 2355 scanning , you need the HPLIP driver from, I had to build it again from source but then it worked at least on my laptop.
(FC4) it still fails to build on my iMac (Ubuntu PPC) , got to figure that out someday or just use the scanner on only on my laptop.

Nov 04 2005

The art of writing Documentation

Most of us techies don't like writing documentation, and the lack of good tools certainly doesn't help there. And with good tools I don't mean vi or emacs, but a tool to collect and manage documents so that you can share and collaborate. Tools such as Knowledgthree can contain documents and you can search for them, but the moment you want to modify them you have to take a couple of steps too much, you have to download, edit locally in most of the time some hughe textprocessor (Yes, we do need a LightWeight version of !) and then upload it again.

On the other hand you want to force people in using templates so that the output one generates stays clear and consistent, so what you want is people to write docbook, but you also want people who don't know docbook to be able to modify and contribute to the document. Then one should be able to apply the appropriate style sheets and publish the document.

The Hula Project has a similar problem and the are probaly not the only ones.
We currently are looking at Docbookwiki for some tasks's looking good, but it still needs a lot of work to be done to get it into a state where everybody can use it.
And then we haven't even touched shared images in the document yet :)

I`m still sticking with vi to write Docbook and my Makfiles , I`ll throw the files in SVN so the others can pick em up in Docbookwiki :)