nova pppoe[9885]: Timeout waiting for PADS packets

I planned on writing down my experiences with the 770 tonight, I decided not to publish them however.

My ISP is playing tricks on me again .. flaky ADSL connection going up and down .. again, It has been stable for a couple of weeks/months now but since tonight things are unstable again.

Yesterdays L2U was really crowded, even people from .nl stopped by. Xen really is a hot topic it seems.

My External 160Gb drive for Backups arrived.. finally I won't have to worry about crashing disks again, hmm.. well.. 4 different locations where the pics are stored, the external one will probably crash first, but at least next time I'll visit my parents they will get a copy also :)

Building openMosix 2.6.14 stuff , my spec file seems broken, I documented how to fix it, but pointed to a link, which doesn't work with my adsl connection broken.
So by the time I veventually will get around to publish this I'd better hit the sheets :)