The art of writing Documentation

Most of us techies don't like writing documentation, and the lack of good tools certainly doesn't help there. And with good tools I don't mean vi or emacs, but a tool to collect and manage documents so that you can share and collaborate. Tools such as Knowledgthree can contain documents and you can search for them, but the moment you want to modify them you have to take a couple of steps too much, you have to download, edit locally in most of the time some hughe textprocessor (Yes, we do need a LightWeight version of !) and then upload it again.

On the other hand you want to force people in using templates so that the output one generates stays clear and consistent, so what you want is people to write docbook, but you also want people who don't know docbook to be able to modify and contribute to the document. Then one should be able to apply the appropriate style sheets and publish the document.

The Hula Project has a similar problem and the are probaly not the only ones.
We currently are looking at Docbookwiki for some tasks's looking good, but it still needs a lot of work to be done to get it into a state where everybody can use it.
And then we haven't even touched shared images in the document yet :)

I`m still sticking with vi to write Docbook and my Makfiles , I`ll throw the files in SVN so the others can pick em up in Docbookwiki :)