is dead :( was probably the oldest machine I still had in production, It's was old 486DX 50 that has travelled with me to parties such as Assembly , The Party and other weird locations, It once was the compo machine for The Meeting 95 In Lille . After it's demo party career it got turned into a Linux Based Demoscene BBS and FidoNode, untill the we first got Cable access somewhere in 1998 at which point it turned in to a shellbox and the firewall/router for the basement lab at my parents place. That's the function it still had till somewhere last week. The cause of death was a bad case of crashing harddisks.

Shutting down velvet also means that won't be used anymore, was a younger but still fairly old 486DX2 IBM PS/2 , acting as the primary dns server for my old lab. The network card in it was repsonsible for the driver code written around Linux 2.1.25 :) and is in the kernel. :)

root@mine2 net# pwd
root@mine2 net# grep sdog *
ne2.c:          /* printk("Halleluja sdog, als er na de pijl een 1 staat is 1 - 1 == 0"
ne2.c:          The above line was for remote testing, thanx to sdog ... */

I'll probably have to replace velvet with a Linuxbased wifi enabled router ...