Feb 19 2009

Dear Windows Admin, you have now been replaced by a Cat

I`m one of those guys that really doesn't like to agree with certain EULA's

While it's sad enough that Dell still fails to sell an Ubuntu based laptop in Belgium and claims they have to charge extra for removing the irrelevant software from Redmond hence trying to trick you into paying more money for freedom there are things you can work around easily, I won't be accepting the EULA that comes with those new boxen.

However back when I last installed a virtual instance of some software from Redmond one of my test Xen servers , I was presented with a screen that that urged me to press F8 in order to accept something I didn't want to accept.

Back then I just asked a friendly guy from the office next door , to come in and press that F8 button, he didn't mind.

But with with this new amazing technology, I don't even need to use the services of the windows admins anymore .. I can just call my cat onto the table and have her do the dirty work :)

Sep 24 2007

Latitude D830

The thing with a new laptop is that you have to transfer your data again and again and again .. and that you forget to install packages you installed once..

All the theory about large scale installs and reproducability isn't worth a dime on a tool you install stuff to on a daily base.

Anyone has a good recipe to manage his own workstation t?

Aug 09 2007

Dell's Linux offer in Europe : still vapourware

Is Dell abusing with its Linux offer ? - lefred's own blog ;-)

Yes Fred, it's pure marketing, I talked to chatted with an online Dell sales rep earlier this week because I was looking into buying either an Ubuntu Dell Laptop or a laptop with no operating system. She had to check around but none of the above was available in Europe , let alone Belgium , she also tried the UK, all this after Dell is making big announcements in the US.

Oh and did I mention.. the laptops they offer in the US aren't even close to what I'd want ? A decent screen to start with .. not some 1024x768 Max thingie ..
I'd rather have them not selling a distro and just offer the NO OPERATING system option with all their products rather than a minimal laptop configuration that I don't care about.

Aug 08 2007

Dell plans to embrace virtualisation

Dell plans to embrace virtualisation

LinuxWorld, Dell CTO Kevin Kettler let slip that the company plans to sell machines that will boot a hypervisor from flash memory.

Xen on Flash ?

Next step, let's kick the bios out.