Sep 23 2009

Some people just don't get it

I mean, we are heading towards 2010 , some of us have been using Open Source for decades, the Open Source vs Free Software discussion was like last millenium, and we've been doing open source consultancy for over a decade, yet today companies still think their customers are stupid,

Fancy this story on ZDNet today .. there's actually companies out there claiming that "Bind" because of it's FreeWare nature , yes that's right you've Read FREEWARE , (hadn't heard that word for over 5 years..) , is less secure than their proprietary offering in the Cloud. So the very nature of their Secure product is offering Security by Obscurity in an insecure environment .

The sad part is that they probably get customers that believe their story, afterall it's hosted in the Cloud .. so it must be good not ?

Oh well... James McGovern had a nice comment on that earlier today "

"The goal of the security market is to make money, not to ensure the customer's security"

I'll keep my security infrastructure Open, thank you very much

But afterall everything is a fine DNS Problem ...

Aug 03 2009

Centos, a fine DNS problem

You must have noticed the fuzz around CentOS, the open Letter , and luckily Lance showing up again ..

I've been a long time CentOS user , so this kind of events are pretty close to my heart, I never really worried about the future of the project , the CentOS community is was standing behind their message as one group. If Lance wouldn't have shown up again quoting Arrfab:
"The worst would be to switch to another domain name .. but you already know that everything is a fscking DNS problem"

In this case it would actually be more of a mareketing problem :)

Fact is that sometimes an active community standing up against a lesser active project lead has it's results, however this time there probably won't be any other DNS entries to be added , but I hope one day the logo will become better :)

Jun 04 2009

resolv.conf problem

Collegue troubleshooting a machine that he couldn't log into anymore

root@Validation_Radio3_Ku_VN1:~# cat /etc/shadow
# /etc/resolv.conf generated on 20090604022133 by

Really folks .. Everything is a fine dns problem :)

PS. Yeah yeah .. the real problem was a filesystem corrupted

Jan 07 2009

Crazy stuff over DNS

Pascal tweeted me te following link.

From the site :

I had written some code to take wikipedia articles and summarise them. I wanted to offer this for use in various places, now the obvious way to offer it is just a web service (via REST, SOAP, etc), but that's boring and I had a cunning plan. Why not offer it over DNS - it is basically a huge associative array and DNS is designed for this stuff.

Some people send way to much stuff over a TXT record .. and then one wonders why DNS is a problem.. it's being abused for all the things wasn't designed in the first place. And people also trust it too much while it never was desgined for that either.

Oh well.. at least IP over DNS is usefull :)

Jan 06 2009

Everything is a Funky DNS problem.

Nils has a good writeup of what Dan Kaminsky talked about at 25C3 Interesting read as after al.. Everything is a funky DNS problem.

Should send him a T-Shirt one day .. he seems to appreciate my site slogan :)

Jan 05 2009

Everything is a funky Twitter problem ..

When your favourite ex yahoo employee and mysql guru blogs about a "dns problem" and how he solved it using Twitter you can only smile ;) At last some useful use for Twitter .. when it's up at least ..

Dec 06 2008

Wordpress is Slow !

because of a fine DNS problem

So it can obviously happen to other platforms as well :)

Nov 03 2008

CloudCafe !

I`m in John's Cloud Cafe !

Sep 25 2008

Is the internet ready ?

Tarry pointed us to an article questioning if the internet is ready for cloud computing.

The short summary,
the biggest challenge is DNS.

Is DNS going to be secure enough, scalable enough etc.

Don't say I didn't warn you .. "Everything is a Freaking DNS Problem !"

Aug 01 2008

DNS Problems and MySQL

The MySQL Performance Blog also figured it out .. Everything is a frigging dns problem :)

Baron gives a quick hint on how to test if you can safely enable skip_name_resolve or how to figure out which users to update to an IP address rather than a DNS name.

On of the many ... :)