Is the internet ready ?

Tarry pointed us to an article questioning if the internet is ready for cloud computing.

The short summary,
the biggest challenge is DNS.

Is DNS going to be secure enough, scalable enough etc.

Don't say I didn't warn you .. "Everything is a Freaking DNS Problem !"


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#1 John : I too belive Everything is a DNS Problem in this case

Yeah I saw that video of Cricket Liu too and really think that with cloud computing it really presents a whole new horizon of opportunities. In a way it has the capability to change computing trend. However, I don't see DSL disappearing as yet in the home and offices.

Its just that whenever something big comes up in the start we will see many hick-ups. I think its part of growing up and maturing.


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#2 Jessica : DNS


While reading this entry on the blog i feel that you should try and find some viable solutions for the problems in DNS . the start could just be a search on google. mine ended in the following page with some interesting list of solutions