Wordpress is Slow !

because of a fine DNS problem

So it can obviously happen to other platforms as well :)


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#1 Tucson wordpress designer : I totally disagree

WordPress is definitely not slow in and of itself. The title on this article is misleading, as the author even pointed out that its a DNS issue. This is nothing specific to WordPress.

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#2 Shellie Kundinger : But it is so easy

I understand it may be slow and I envy the versatility of Drupal, but Wordpress is just so noob friendly I can't imagine using anything else at this time. Maybe one day I will find the nerve to learn a better CMS.

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#3 Anonymous : Thanks

Thanks for this post! Had a Drupal site that ran fine on my development server, but was very slow when it was moved onto the clients servers. Had me stumped for quite a while now.

Will have to do some more testing, but appears to be because of the fsockopen in common.inc timing out because of DNS problems.