Pidgin and OAUth

So earlier today the nice folks over at twitter figured it was a good time to change all the authentication to oauth ... they might have announced it all over the place .. but it never catched my attention

The onlything that did catch my attention was that after not having ued pidgin for about 2 weeks I didn't have access to twitter anymore.

I`m using the purple-microblog plugin and the default version of that plugin in Fedora 12 wasn't really up2date. The plugin supports OAuth as of 3.0 which was released ages ago.

The version in fedora-updates-testing however was already recent enough ..

So enabling that repo and running
yum  update  purple-microblog
quickly solved my proble .. till I disabled twitter in my pidgin again as there was way to much talk about some weird fruit ...


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#1 Anonymous : thanks..... It's works!! the

thanks..... It's works!! the problem was my firewall
it was blocking the pidgin... I turn it off and finally I could see the PIN
Thanks again

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#2 Jernej : I have exact same issues

I have exact same issues every time MSN changes something. Pidgin seems like a solid client but for the longest time it didn't support offline messages so I switched to amsn. That was nice.. for a while and then I started using xmonad and amsn crashed every time I got a message. So now I'm using emesene.

Linux users are so screwed when it comes to these things, it's totally unfair.

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#3 Anonymous : Pidgin and OAUth

now Pidgin ask about a PIN...Please allow mbpidgin to
access your account...
Where can I get these PIN?


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#4 Kris Buytaert : Twitter tells you

When you are logged in to your twitter account using the web interface it will ask you to allow mbpidgin to access Twitter and after you allow it will tell you that PIN.