Sep 01 2010

Pidgin and OAUth

So earlier today the nice folks over at twitter figured it was a good time to change all the authentication to oauth ... they might have announced it all over the place .. but it never catched my attention

The onlything that did catch my attention was that after not having ued pidgin for about 2 weeks I didn't have access to twitter anymore.

I`m using the purple-microblog plugin and the default version of that plugin in Fedora 12 wasn't really up2date. The plugin supports OAuth as of 3.0 which was released ages ago.

The version in fedora-updates-testing however was already recent enough ..

So enabling that repo and running
yum  update  purple-microblog
quickly solved my proble .. till I disabled twitter in my pidgin again as there was way to much talk about some weird fruit ...

Mar 23 2009

Alexandre urges us too microblog on Identica rather than on Twitter

As an opensource evangelist I probably should do so .. Crossposting from to Twitter works... but there is one big thing that's blocking me to do this by default and that's a bug in microblog-purple which currently blocks me from using in Pidgin. Which is what I use to Tweet ..

As afteral .. Twitter is nothing more than world wide searchable irc , isn't it ? And I want them all from 1 interface, irc, jabber, twitter, ...

I`m also wondering about how to mix following people on Twitter ,and replying to them via and the fact that I`ll still need to have follow twitter feeds..

Dec 01 2008

Next Step, Done

I just blogged that I wanted the skype plugin to work in my pidgin, only to have 1 central chat window.

Guess what .. this really works. it's that simple .. copy the 2 files, then setup the account .. I just had to disable the annoying skype sounds :)