Zenoss Core Network and System Monitoring , the Book

Harish Kumaresh from Packt wrote me last week to ask if I wanted to review their Zenoss Core book

The package arrived today ..

So I`ll try to free up some time asap to actually read it :)

PS. Yeah I know, the pictures are is so "Dries", but I like the concept :)


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#1 Matt Ray : Looking forward to your review

I knew you had a copy and were reading the book, I checked to see if you had finished when I was writing the post. I'll add it to our post (or possibly do another if there are more reviews) about reviews for the book. That said, we're doing a lot of work on our own documentation and hopefully we can help the first commenter "tame the beast" and get Zenoss working for them.

Matt Ray
Zenoss Community Manager

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#2 Anonymous : Yikes

Dealing with it at the moment. While comprehensive it's still a bit of an introductory book when you realise that Zenoss is a beast that is often hard to tame