#monitoringsucks hackathon 6&7 february Practical details:

As announced earlier next monday and tuesday we're opening up the Inuits offices for everybody working on monitoring problems.

There's already a good number of people that have confirmed their presence and some people have asked

As for practical details .. the plan is simple.
I`m going to be at the place somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00 on monday. ( Hey .. it's the day after Fosdem you know :))

The only thing I've planned is to do a get to know eachother round around 10:30 after that I`m expecting the hackathon to be self organising,

There will be water, coffee , etc , IP connectivity, and electricity.

The location is still Duboisstraat 50, Antwerp

Free parking is on the Hardenvoort or Kempenstraat ( 3minutes walk) , paid parking right in front of the door.


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#1 Zcode System : Another time

Not able to make it there...I feel so sorry... :(

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#2 Geoff Flarity : Please join me!

I'm not satisfied with the current tools out there either. Inspired by 'StatsD' and 'Logster' release by Etsy, I've started creating my own. Let's combine efforts?

My vision is to use/create a bunch of simple node.js services that do one thing well (the unix way ) and use plugins as configuration. Pick and and choose the parts you want to use:

http://graphite.wikidot.com/ - this will be used for 'real-time' graphing

https://github.com/gflarity/Nervous - define plugins to track different things on a system, send them to graphite (or a proxy )

https://github.com/gflarity/Response - a graphite proxy, define observer plugins subscribe to certain metrics, define response plugins to take arbitrary actions (email, sms, jabber ) (no code yet but it should be as easy as Nervous

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#3 Kris Buytaert : Response

sounds the most intersting of the 2 ..
I`m looking for tools that will help me do alerting on top of Graphite.

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#4 Tushar : I am far away from you but

I am far away from you but can i know how to get join in it?