Free Beer, Meetup today has a lot of active open source users and contributors.
The weird thing is that we never meet apart from Fosdem.
Yes, we occasionally run into eachother at other events but there's not enough beer involved.

I've had different people ask me what and where are the Open Source gatherings in Belgium, and we must admit that apart
from Fosdem there isn't that much in our little country.

There were a couple of MySQL User Group events, some Drupal ones, some LUG had meetings altough I have the idea most of them have dried out :(

So I have this crazy idea of inviting you all to grab a beer, maybe even free beer :) on december 29 some in a pub in Antwerp

I`m open for suggestions on good locations.

Oh and everybody is welcome, both readers and writers :)

PS. Yes I know that some of you will be drinking in Berlin at that time .. we'll drink an extra one for you.


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#1 Paul Cobbaut : tuurlijk

Tuurlijk kom ik af.

Kulminator is een gekende optie (als er plaats is). Ik heb ook al goeie dingen gehoord van 'Paters Vaatje' onder de kathedraal.
Een andere optie is de 'Houten Klara' (graanmarkt), dat is een restaurant waar meestal nog plaats is(*), en dat ook nog eten serveert na 22u ;-)

(*) de laatste weken heb ik meermaals bomvolle resto's in het centrum gezien. Zo vol dat we zelfs met twee personen niet mochten dat de regel in Antwerpen in het centrum ?

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#2 Bram : So..who's boozing? You're

So..who's boozing? You're more than welcome to drop me an e-mail to let me know.

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#3 Kristof Provost : Unfortunately I'm one of the

Unfortunately I'm one of the people who'll be drinking in Berlin.
Perhaps some other time.

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#4 vincent van der kussen : Now i think about it, i've

Now i think about it, i've never met anyone of planet.grep....

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#5 Ghosty : ja idd en vooral op zo een

ja idd en vooral op zo een datum (op zo nen dag een uurke vroeger stoppen op het werk is kwasi onmogelijk, gezien de bezetting op't werk al minimaal is ...)

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#6 Kris Buytaert : Vroeger stoppen ?

Why would you need to stop early ?

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#7 Vincent Van der Kussen : I like the idea, but i won't

I like the idea, but i won't be able to be there on that date. Maybe we'll have to organise this on regular basis?

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#8 Kris Buytaert : Offcourse

That's the plan :)

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#9 Bram : De Kulminator is op

De Kulminator is op regelmatige basis gevuld met greppende geeks... :-).

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#10 Kris Buytaert : Kulminator

Kulminator was een optie.

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#11 Joost Yervante Damad : sounds good!

sounds good!

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#12 Nicolas : A'pen

Antwerpen, zo ver :-(