Dear Mollom,

What I would like as a feature from Santa,

I would like to be able to report a comment as URL Spam , you know the case where the content of a comment is perfectly OK, but the URL the commenter uses is a link to a NSF, pure spamming or absolutely unrelated site.

There's nofollow etc , but to keep my site clean I'd have to report these commen
ts as spam, however when you start analysing the content of the message and comparing that content to other posts you will eventually get false positives.

So a small option "URL Link is spam, content is acceptable" would probably help all of us


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#1 Nicholas Thompson : Input Filters?

We had a similar problem on one of our sites. We had to temporarily filter out all hyperlinks in Filtered HTML.

I guess if you're running a moderated comment queue, you could always promote good comments with hyperlinks in them to a "Slightly Less Filtered HTML"...?

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#2 Victor : URL Limiter

How about the URL Limiter? it might just do the trick.

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#3 Kris Buytaert : What's the URL Limiter ? I

What's the URL Limiter ?
I don't know of such a module, could you be more specific ?


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#4 Victor : this one

It's in the spam module of Drupal.

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#5 Anonymous : Any reason you reported this

Any reason you reported this to the planet drupal and not to mollom directly?

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#6 Kris Buytaert : Convergence

It wasn't reported to "planet" drupal, it was posted on my blog.

The Post was addressed to Mollom, the message arrived.. and the Mollom crowd thanked me for my letter.

What's the problem ?

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#7 Ryan Price : Spam Module?

I would suggest you check out the Spam module:

It adds layers on top of Mollom, such as:

# URL limiter - auto-learns spammer websites and blocks content linking to these URLs
# SURBL - blacklist of urls that commonly occur in spam (Third Party).

...and more, like a "Node Age" filter, which assumes comments on old posts are most likely Spam.

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#8 Kris Buytaert : Node Age

My comments are already disabled on old posts automagically .. tat's not really solving the issue :)