Jun 01 2010

@Beaker on #Devops

Yesterday @beaker posted his ideas on the #devops movement ...

Apparently we haven't been stressing enough on the fact that it isn't just about Devs and Ops,
So let me repeat it's not just about Devs and Ops, it's about breaking silo's , about being good at our jobs, about getting conversation started, about talking to different stakeholders in the processes . We are absolutely trying to include all groups, not exclude some.

@beaker also seems to have seen many presentations where developers are shown to have evolved in practice and methodology, but operators (of all kinds) are described as being stuck in the dark ages. , is that a different point of view on another continent \, on this side of the Atlantic, it's mostly the Ops people that are already using agile methods spreading the word and it isn't about Devs talking about Deopvs yet. It's actually mostly the ops spreading the word because they feel most of the pain .

Hoff also wonders about routers switches firewall and all the other boxen where we aren't running puppet or chef on , the boxes that are left out of our fully automated environments .
Indeed, Puppetcamp Europe once again woke up the discussion on how to tackle these boxen, the lack of use of existing standards was covered .. and some mentioned that CIM and family are pretty much death or irrelevant for real life usage , both the Puppet and Chef communities are working on manifest, modules and recipes to solve the issues.

But the good thing is that we now have the security people involved too, maybe they'll figure out how to survive longer than 6 months in a CSO position if they talk to the others and come out of their Ivory towers :)

Jun 01 2010

Call For Abstracts : NLUUG Fall Conference on Security

For all the security experts : the NLUUG has published it's Call For Abstracts for it's Fall conference.. as you might have guessed the topic is Security, we welcome all abstracts tackling security in a broad sense.

Possible topics include:

* cloud security
* online privacy
* rfid hacking
* secure programming
* programma-analysis-tools
* web services security
* web browser security
* embedded hardware hacking
* incident response and forensics
* malware and rootkits
* responsible disclosure
* legal response
* fighting spam
* patch policies
* identity management
* central point of administration
* DNSsec
* VPN based WANs
* etc.

The NLUUG fall conference is scheduled on 11 November 2010 in De Reehorst in Ede, the Netherlands.

Hint.. maybe a talk on secdevops would be welcomed too :)

Disclaimer : I`m on the program committee

Mar 09 2010

DevOPS, SecOPS, DBAOps, NetOps

This post is long overdue, as the idea struck me when dicussing with Lefred while preparing his Fosdem talk on Maintaining too big tables

I got triggered finishing this post by Mr BuidlDoctor

Fred has been struggling with a typical DevOps problem resulting in the most unmanageable database setup possible, there's little room for him to move but he managed is way out .. because he is good at his job

It set the mark for me that because in different organisations even the Opsteam is fragmented `in different groups that there also we need to get the Devops idea going.

Typical setups here are the Network guys vs the Platform guys , specially with the growth of virtualization where the network stack doesn't stop at the physcial switchport anymore but the vlan trunks go deep in to the VM's a lot of discussion happens. There where traditionally the story for the network engineer stopped at the switch they now want control much deeper in the infrastructure.

But an even bigger group that needs integration are the security folks, it's no secret that in some organisations the security guys job is to be the bad guy, their default reply to something is NO. Specially to people wanting to drill holes in their architecture .

Patrick wonders if its the specialist vs generalist dillemma, I think it's the Web vs Enterprise IT way of thinking ..
DevOps first gained ground in Web environments , the battle has only started ..

We still have a long way to go before in say a banking environment the Devs and SecOffs' and the DBA's and the Ops are on the same line ... they all need to break the walls of confusion, they all need to come out of their silos. And when you are a generalist in charge of a bunch of these things you have to make sure your tuesday afernoon security persona talks with his other persona's from time to time ... otherwise you are really gonna need those meds :)