Jun 14 2010


Q: Is Dries your Brother ?
A: No he isn't.

Q: Are you related to Dries ?
A: No we aren't (as far as we know)

Q: Do you know Dries ?
A: Yeah .. I've known him since before he started his work on Drupal, now can you stop asking about Dries and refocus on me ?

Q: Are you related to Thomas Buytaert
A: No.

Q: Why are you sdog on irc ?
A: Back in my DemoScene days my nick was Sleeping Dog , whch was too long for a unix account name , sleeping didn't feel like a good choice and neither did dog, so the abbrev became sdog

Q: Are you still involved in openMosix ?
A: It's dead Jim, openMosix never made it to the 2.6 Kernel series, Moshe announced the EOL in July 2007. I've been told the folks over at LinuxPMI are doing good job in trying to revive the project.

Q: Why is Inuits called Inuits ?
A: Try finding a cool name and the matching available .be domain. That and our marketeers didn't know where the Penguins live.

Q: Why is Everything a Freaking DNS Problem
A: You mean you still haven't figured out yourselve ?

Q: I want to connect ?
A: No prob, here's my policy

Q: Do you want to give a talk about Open Source, MySQL HA, Devops, Virtualization, CloudSec, Open Source ....
A: Tell me more about your event and I`ll consider it.

Q: I've got another Question
A: I`m pretty sure you can find my email address and mail me :)

May 05 2010

Today everything could have been a freaking dnssec problem

You might have read about it .. al over the internets. but today a big step for the implementation of global DnsSec implementation is being made .

You might want to read up about the impact.

And test here if you are unsure about your situation.

Apr 02 2010

Starting a Collection

Apparently I started a collection ..
Of DNS books signed by their author ...

As already mentioned on twitter, Jan-Piet Mens kindly gave me a signed copy of his alternative DNS Servers book, last week at the UKUUG 2010 Spring Conference

When I got that book I didn't even know yet that this morning I was going to be at a seminar on DNS sec by Cricket Liu
and because of having registered so late for the event I certainly wasn't expecting to get one of the books that were going to be handed out to the first 50 people that signed up ... but I was lucky ..

So which book should I try to get next ? :)

Jan 15 2010


So a couple of weeks ago I blogged about DNS Knife late last year I ran into an even better tool.

Enter IntoDNS

Apparently IntoDNS.com finds more issues like the zone file listing different nameservers from the ones you defined ...etc..

So change your bookmarks, browse that page :)